Promoting the Wiki!

For regular updates on our progress, visit our wiki @

Our progress is very regularly and faithfully updated there. As of now, our status is:

Updated: 30 September

  • Episode 7: spot in progress
  • Episode 8: translation 100%, timing in progress
  • Episode 9: translation 50%
  • Episode 10: in queue
  • Episode 11: translation 50%

We’ll keep working hard! So, please continue to support us 🙂


5 comments so far

  1. trina on

    you guys are workin fast thanks for everythin! this series is a classic 10 years old but everyone still loves it. its really good quality too!

  2. ken on

    yes, I agree with Trina

  3. christina on

    wow….thanks for the subs… all the way…i love this series soo much…its old and i saw it, like, yrs ago…but it was in mando wen i saw it so it was hard to understand….so thanks again…now i could rewatch it with eng subs….

  4. arcopal on

    thanks for the subs HZGGsubing team. I have been looking for it with sub. Thanks to u guys now i can fully understanding it. Great show.

  5. odon on

    luv u guyz AJA AJA Fightin

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