1. Can I upload your subs onto other sites?
Yes, you may. Please ensure that our team is credited and the blog is linked back to, and please do not alter the files in any way.

2. Can I upload your subs onto streaming media sites like Youtube?
Yes, although we will be uploading the videos onto streaming media sites ourselves. Please link back to us and give credit where it is appropriate. Again, do not edit our files in any way. Also, please do not upload onto Crunchyroll.

3. How can I join your team?
Check out our Join? page. All the details are provided there.

4. Will you be subbing anything else other than HZGG?
Currently no, the only projects on our hands are HZGG I and II. And considering that there are 72 episodes altogether, I don’t think we want to take on anything else!

5. How about HZGG III?
No, there are English subs available for HZGG III and besides, nobody on the team likes it.

6. How often do you guys upload your videos? / When is the next episode coming out?
Episodes are uploaded for direct download and to d-addicts when we are finished subbing them. We are finished subbing them when we …are finished. We try to release 2 eps every two weeks, but sometimes life (but mainly computer problems for us, for some reason) always get in the way, so asking doesn’t really speed up the process, and neither does complaining. Do check back often for releases, though, because you never know what you may find.

7. Ohmigosh, I totally watched this show way back when! Where did you guys get your raws?
The raws (which are, by the way, credited with every release) are obtained from the alecsu clubbox.

8. I can’t open your files! What’s going on?
You need to download hjsplit (via Google, it’s not that hard) and after extracting, use the “join” option and join the two files, which you should save to the same folder together. It should automatically detect the .001 file, and voila. The exact same links are used by members to share and help seed (which you all should do as well =D) and upload onto Veoh, so the every video is proven to work.  If you are having trouble with this, may we suggest the torrent of the whole file from d-addicts or streaming via our Veoh channel?
In addition, it is assumed you have either CCCP/K-Lite Codec Pack or a player with internal codecs, such as GomPlayer or VLC Media Player installed on your computer in order to play our Xvid avi files.


18 comments so far

  1. jacqeuline on

    you guys are really awesome, i wish i could help you, but there is nothing i can do! i can’t speak chinese or mandarin! but it is really exciting to see your hard work and how much effort you put in it, by the way i loved the HZGG 1&2, but didn’t like the 3, anyhow 3 was not as good as the previous 2. also didn’t like the characters( mainly the people who played in the series instead of zhao wei and ruby lin,)
    i am looking forward to watch the next episode(10)
    lots of love!

  2. mai on

    HI thanks for working so hard on subbing the drama…i was wondering if you are gonna upload it to crunchyroll.com if not can i help upload it in to
    crunchyroll.com cause there many people really wanna see the whole ep with english sub???…please e-mail me any time…

  3. Karyn on

    I’m another fan of HZGG, it was so totally my favorite drama series and I was SO GLAD to find out that you guys are actually reviving it XD XD

    (I didn’t think anyone would actually want to do that =_=)

    Will wait patiently for the release of each episode and I hope that you guys would continue & finish subbing this series XD

  4. wniizzati on

    can u give me the link to dl HZGG 3 ?

  5. shinyank on

    hi guys, i already dwnlded the drama but ep12 onwards don’t work. xvid mpeg-4 right? Got that but still dont work. Cn u guys help me?anyway,thanks a lot for uploading 🙂

  6. hzggteam on

    Can you describe HOW it doesn’t work? Just saying “it doesn’t work” doesn’t tell us anything AT ALL about your problem, and we are unable to help you. Please be more specific, possibly post up some error messages or describe what happens. Otherwise, we don’t know.

  7. enkhee on

    Helloo! i so love you guys and your work and would like all kinds of other people to love it too. I ask permission to post the series on jdramas on livejournal. Please and thank you!

  8. hzggteam on

    Go ahead, enhkee :]
    I browse jdramas regularly and would be glad to have our series on there.
    However, please use the DDL links we provide(see projects page and recent posts), though apparently the giga ones don’t work anymore.


  9. Jasaman on

    Hi, I downloaded HZGG3, but it is without subtitles. Could you tell me, where can I find it? I searched the Internet, but couldn’t find it. You said thez are avaliable.

    Thank zou verz much!

  10. Nathalia on

    Hi, firstly I would like to thank you for subbing these epsidodes. you guys are great and i want you to know that I’d really appreciate for what you’ve done! Secondly, i also want to know where is the link for HZGG3.

    Thanks you very much!!!!

  11. Aurora on

    Hey, It’s great that there are people like you out there who try your best to make great series like HZGG understandable to everyone.

    Just a question those, I came to this site while looking online for HZGG OST download. Do you have it? Please give me a link to download if you do, or tell me where I can find it? Direct or torrent is fine with me.

  12. Ice on

    @ Aurora : U can download HZGG OST here

  13. nekokitty on

    Faîtes quand même la saison 3 certes ce n’est pas les mêmes acteurs mais l’intrigue est géniale. svp Svp Svp Svp please.


  14. hzggteam on

    Uh. We don’t speak French…
    but I’m guessing it has something to do with season 3?
    And probably something about translating it?

    Okay so I consulted some brokenfrench resources…
    No we will not translate season 3 for the reasons listed on the FAQ. None of us think the plot is brilliant :'[ Sorry. Plus, there are subs to buy, so it’d be a waste of effort.

  15. hd4eva on

    I speak both French/English so she/he said:

    Please can you guys subbed hzgg3 even if the actors are not the same but the story is amazing..

  16. alfahime on

    thank you very much for the sub
    i’m taking the MU link
    here is my blog:

    do tell me if i need to alter anything

  17. B. A. Kenney on

    I didn’t download any AV files from you guys, but I think I downloaded something from you guys. Anyway, whether I download something or not, I just want to say that you guys are the best and your efforts are much appreciated. Guys like you should be awarded!!! :]

    And thank you so much for not subbing HZGG 3. I totally see no point of subbing it whatsoever. Just a waste of your money, when you could use it on something that’s better.

    Thanks again!

  18. Anujin on

    skip to 6:30, what song or score it is? right after huan zhu ge ge talk real fast and loud please email me if u know the song or score

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