There are plenty of titles/ranks/phrases in HZGG that even Chinese-speaking people are not fully aware of. To avoid as much confusion as possible, here are some titles that pop up regularly throughout the show! Many of them are non-translatable into English, and so we have left them as they are.


Huang Shang – the Emperor.
Huang Hou – the Empress.
Niang Niang – either the Empress or the Imperial Concubines of first rank. It is either used with the title, e.g. ‘Huang Hou Niang Niang’, or simply on its own as ‘Niang Niang’.
Muomuo – nanny.


Zha – an obligatory ‘yes, sir’, or ‘yes, m’am’, said by the servants or the military.
Back palace – The Empress is frequently referred to as the “head/leader of the back palace” which basically refers to where all of Huang Shang’s daughters/concubines reside. She would be the leader of all the female subjects of the palace.

Excursion notes:
Huang Shang’s excursions – See the top half of this post to see a semi-coherent explanation written at 1AM.
Embroidered ball tossing – release of ep 16
Scholar exams – to be explained upon release of ep 17
Zhi, Hu, Zhe, and Ye – release of ep 17


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  1. B. A. Kenney on

    Hello, do you guys carry Ni Shi Feng Er Wo Shi Sha totally instrumental song that they play in HZGG 2 and 3? I know the instrumental one that you can find on the web, but it has background vocals which are pathetically useless.

    Please email me or give me a refernece to find that kind of MP3 or WAV file. Thanks very much!

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