If you’re interested in joining us to help sub Huan Zhu Ge Ge, please PM Gem or Tweedyy @ or email us at!

  • Translators – Recruiting 2-3 for possible start of HZGG II 
    • fluent in Mandarin Chinese (ability to read is HIGHLY recommended for this series)
    • firm grasp of English grammar and usage
    • able to interpret Chinese to English in a non-literal way
    • willing and able to tackle poems/puns/flower language present in this show
  • Timers – Not needed, but always welcome
    • experience in timing SSA/ASS files preferred.
    • times to voice rather than Chinese subs (they are horribly delayed in our raws)
    • small experience in Chinese would help but is not needed.
  • Spot Translators – Not recruiting
  • Editors – Recruiting 1
    • must have very firm grasp of English grammatical rules and spelling.
    • must be meticulous in work
    • moderately flexible schedule preferred
    • experience in Mandarin is not needed.
  • QCers – Not recruiting
  • Typesetters – Recruiting
    • experience in typesetting using either Sub Station Alpha or Aegisub.
  • Encoders – Not Recruiting
    • encodes the subtitles into the file using XviD format.
    • able to tweak various settings to achieve maximum quality

11 comments so far

  1. Mikehehana on

    hey guys i love you guys and can u tell me how to sub?
    i know it’s a lot of work
    but i want to know what program do u use?
    i use Media Subtitler
    but it doesn’t work that much~
    so please guys can u tell me/

  2. Drake on

    hey guys,
    I am considered an ABC (American Born Chinese)
    so I am both fluent with English and Chinese.
    I am interested in which program you guys use because I use Adobe for all my movies and subbing but I know since there is already a movie I can not use Adobe; so I am wondering if you can let me join the hzggteam and let me have a try at the crazy poetry and Drama.

  3. hzggteam on

    Hi drake,
    so… exactly.. what position are you applying for?

  4. Eirallina on

    Hello there, HZGG Team. I’m Eirallina. I’ve read the “Plans” message on your site and wanted to help you guys out should you need any. Currently, I am not quite sure what to apply for and I’ll get back to you on that within 2 days. Perhaps the position I’m applying for might be an editor or typesetter although it might be the former. I’ll visit this site again to speak to you. I’m just expressing my interest at the moment.

  5. Eirallina on

    I’ve decided. Can I apply for typesetter?

  6. nuriqa88 on

    hai,I just want to know,why file that I download at MegaUpload cannot be read???so sad because I really crazy to watch HZGG…:(

  7. Melz on

    Since you guys trying to finish HZGG 2, can i at least help a bit??
    I would gladly edit the subs. Well… at least let me try… ^^

  8. Respira on

    Can read/ write fluently in chinese. Will be glad to help with translation if needed ^^.

  9. therainhouse on

    Dear everyone, regarding the remake of HZGG, if you would like Auntie Qiong Yao to add English subtitles please mention it in a direct message to Auntie on the discussion boards in the official FB group..

    That will lessen the load of your fansubbing group if you do decide to sub the remake, that is.

    Here is the official link to the official HZGG page, it was created by Suyuan, Auntie Qiong Yao’s assistant.

    Please talk about all your queries and worries about the remake there so Auntie knows what you think.

  10. Jennaeyy on

    Heyy i am very happy to help with the editing however my chinese is close to nothing, so just let me know if u need any help. xDD

  11. Onari on

    are you guys still planning to sub HZGG 2? I’m dying to watch it really~ Just in case you are still planning to sub, I can be timer and typesetter. I have some experience in subbing team cuz i used to join a few kpop subbing team.
    Just email me if you guys are picking up this project again. ^^

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