Hi there!

It has been nearly a year since this blog was updated. That’s a looong time~

As for the intent of subbing the sequel… summer is here, and we would love to get as much done as possible in the summer. That said, there are many, many logistics to sort out.

1. Staff – we have lost contact with most of our translators and timers. we would need to recruit again, and with only 1 project training new timing staff will be difficult.

2. Raws – alecsu clubbox, where we got our raws originally, deleted the raws before we even decided we *might consider* subbing it, and the last we checked, they were all gone. That’s a problem, since the rest of the raws floating online are crappy vcd versions, as opposed to our HQ dvd rips. Yesasia is a possibility, but it would be an investment we don’t have the resources to make.

3. Time – what about after the summer is over? we would hate to see this project come to a screeching halt once all the staff has to disappear…

That said, if anyone is interested in helping us acquire HQ raws, be part of the staff (translators w/ good grasp of mandarin, experienced timers or very quick studies, and a couple of editors), or just be there for support :], please email us at

Thanks so much for your support! We love how many of you remembered that it’s mid-May and have come creeping around the blog and emailing/pming. With raws and a staff, we’d love to get this project rolling again. Hopefully it’ll be possible!


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  1. lavy on

    You don’t know how excited I am to see a new post from you guys!! Too bad I can’t be of any help, but I am crossing my fingers for the best! 🙂

  2. kayoua on

    Same here… I feel so relieved to hear from you guys… Sorry I can be of any help… I can’t wait for Hzgg 2!!! Im so excited!!! Hope to hear from you soon…

  3. Nora on ..someone said that they cn help sub..^^

  4. Nora on

    this is just a season 2 is quite long (its 48episode right??)..and time maybe ur team biggest enemy, and if you dont really mind not releasing hardsubbed videos, you can opt uplaoding raw somewhere (like tudou ) and work the timing and subbing at as they have lots of timer/segmenters and chi-eng subbers….^^..

  5. Van on

    I don’t speak Chinese, but I can help with the timing, I have experience with it. I can do the editing too. Glad to help and make this possible!

  6. hzggteam on

    van, please email us and you will get information on how to sign up, etc.

  7. winwetty on

    i also don’t speak chinese, and i don’t have any exprience doing any with timing or editor but if your guys really need help i would love to help. I can help with editing.

  8. xYuurix on

    thank you soo much
    i would like to help
    but i don’t speak chinese
    and don’t have any experience with typing
    but only on mangas…..if that’ll help


    i wanted to ask
    if you can re-upload HZGG1 episode 14-24
    like you did with the first 13 episodes
    cuz torrent won’t work..
    i’d love if you can do it
    thank you sooo much

    i only saw the entre serie in vietnamese..but when i watch your translation i realize there are difference

  9. Kris on

    I have HZGG on disc (bootlegged DVDs and copied from DVDs). I can rip them if you guys need the raws. Both set’s quality isn’t as good as your raws for the first season , but I know I have the same version of season 2 that you guys used for subbing season 1 (the subtitles are the same kind, versus some of the newer subtitles based on the cantonese dub and in traditional writing).

    I live in Chinatown, so it’s actually quite easy for me to buy Chinese DVDs (or bootlegged versions), but the quality isn’t guaranteed. I can go out and look around for other versions, see if they have it, but again: probably better to buy it on Yesasia, but at least you know you have another option.

    Is it possible to ask alecsu clubbox to reupload it? Or maybe find it at another clubbox?

  10. hzggteam on

    Kris – That would be awesome! You have the same version of season 2? so that must be good quality? Or did you mean just a LQ version of the same video?

    If you could find a HQ dvd that would be great. someone on the team will also be looking around in china in july. Let me know if you find anything! but don’t go out of your way just to hunt down DVDs for us :]

    Thanks a lot!

  11. Kris on

    The video quality is lower – by how much is up to your standards – but the video is the same. I figured the same subtitles would help when translating.

    With all the effort you guys put into season 1 and the joy it brought, the time and effort it will take to find these DVDs is nothing in comparison.

    I shall start my search on the ‘morrow! Wish me luck and fortune on my findings!

  12. kayne on

    have you tried this site?

    I don’t know if they are of your quality, but if you haven’t found any raws yet I’ll be sure to keep a look out.

  13. Anne on

    Please, please do proceed with the subbing of HZGGII! I’ve been hunting everywhere for it but can’t find any with English subtitles. You’re my last hope.

    I can’t be much help I’m afraid, not being a Chinese-speaking person nor having experience with timing, etc. But I have found the DVDs (without subtitles) in local stores. But I don’t know how to rip it. If you like, I can buy it. Perhaps if I send it to you for further processing?

  14. hzggteam on

    @Anne – how is the video quality? (Sorry for the delayed reply) Is it DVD quality or VCD quality squished onto DVDs? If it is of high quality and able to be ripped we’d be indebted to you forever.
    @Kayne – thanks for your suggestion, but those are too low quality for hardsubbing :/ Be on the lookout for us!

  15. Anne on

    I’m not sure about the quality, but the store is an established chain. So pretty much most of the DVDs sold there is of high quality. I’ll go and check it and then get back to you though, just to be sure.

    Any extra tips on how to distinguish a good DVD quality with a squished one? Just so I can make sure I’ve got you a really good material for subbing.

  16. Xinyi on

    I’m a chinese speaker but I don’t have experience with timings and such…sadly.

    I would love to help though. c:

  17. Nhung Le on

    Hi there, I’ve sent you an email to take part in the project.
    I’m experienced with time code, hope I can help.
    Contact me soon.

  18. Miken on

    Hi — Miken here, I helped with timing a bit of the later episodes of the first season. I’d be willing to help out again should the need arise.

    (On another note: Man, I haven’t been here in ages!)

  19. chanmie on

    I would love to help but like the other has said, i’m not a chinese speaker. I really do hope you guys will be able to sub season 2 soon. I been searching around to see if there are subber but can’t find any. Why is HZGG harder to sub than any other drama? I saw some older drama and they been dubbed? Anyways I bought hzgg 2 vcd on yeasia. And it has good quality. Dunno if you guy think it will do?

    Best of luck on the project.

  20. Saa on

    Ah! You guys were (and hopefully still) considering HZGG2!? I’m so happy~
    I’ve been looking to HZGG with EngSubs (official ones and fansubs) to no avail, but this gave me a glimpse of hope! Thank you~!! ^^
    After watching your first season’s subs, I was really happy. I’ve been wanting to watch the first two seasons for a long time since I was little. Again, thank you~!!

    I’m not fluent in Mandarin, and my Chinese reading abilities is extremely lacking to translate a work of this quality, especially since it’s HZGG. And I have no experience of timing, QCing, subbing, etc. either. But if there is ANYTHING I can do to help, please do tell me!! I REALLY want this sequel to be subbed so that many non-native speakers like myself can have the opportunity to relive this pleasant experience of HZGG again!

  21. Grace on


    It’s really really good to hear that you would like to continue with the second series. Since watching the series in your site, I keep coming back to this site.

    Unfortunately, I’m not a Chinese speaker, but I’d really like to help with anything at all like timing or editing if you need for the next project.

  22. Corrine on

    I have experience in fansubbing in terms of editing, QCing, encoding, and uploading.

    I’m rather active in the various Arashi livejournal communities and am in currently six fansubbing groups so you can always ask for reference if need be. I’m currently trying to learn both timing and typesetting XD

    In terms of financial resources, I’m willing to donate to help you guys purchase the DVDs~! ❤

    I'm Chinese, however, I speak Cantonese more than Mandarin and despite me understanding Mandarin, I'm not confident enough to translate a series based off of my Chinese ^^;;

  23. MFB on

    Hello HZGGteam
    Any chance of an update of what’s happening with HZGG2?

    You guys did a great job with the 1st series. I hope you can continue with the 2nd!

  24. alfahime on

    finally, a news from u. sadly, nothing i can do to help. i wish u all good luck. mybe latter i can help with direct dl link. its all i can do to support u all ^_^v

  25. greenhouse on

    sorry, i’m not much help too but just want to know, will there going to be a huan 2 or not? if you guy decide to do it, then that would be great. well, thanks for hearing me out later. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! AND HOPE GUY DECIDE TO SUB THE PROJECT AND RELEASE IT ASAP! THANKS!

  26. tenkoi on

    Will it be another year again for you guy to give us an update if you guy going to sub HUAN ZHU GE GE 2 or not? Hope you guy will, thanks.

  27. puyunk on

    please guys…
    subs HZGG2.. i had downloaded the OSTs of HZGG2, and while listening to it, suddenly I miss HZGG2 sooooooo muccchhh..
    please please please…
    pretty please… >,<

  28. Mint on

    I’m a fan of HZGG and I have watched all of your episope yet.
    Vary thanks to you for subbed a great dramma like this, and your work is really good.
    Can I ask for a favour?
    I;m going to make subtitles for this drama, but in Vietnamese, but we can’t find the RAW files of this. I don’t know how to download from clubbox 😦
    So can you share me the RAWs of this? Then when we done the first episope, we will credit to your website.
    Ofcourse, we will send the link to our product to your so you can check it.
    I’m one of KST subbing team. Do you know this site? It’s quite popular 🙂 (
    If you can share me the RAWs, please contact me ai this email
    Thanks for reading! 🙂

  29. Ryan on

    Hi! I have recently saw your subtitled version of Huan Zhu Ge Ge on D-addicts. I saw the series back when I was in High school, but never understood it (as I don’t know Mandarin chinese) However, I loved the series very much, that when I went to China in 2001 I bought the entire DVD collection of Season 2. If you are interested I can try to help you guys out by sending you copies of the DVDs. Please let me know. thanks.

  30. garfield on

    @ryan : please send me the copies of the dvd….

  31. Leah on

    I just want to let you know that I really truly appreciate the work that you did on season 1. It brought back a lot of my precious childhood memories! I pray that you will continue with the subbing of season 2! Please don’t stop the good work! Thank you so much ^__^

  32. Cindy on

    Aww so sad 😦

    I truly appreciated all your work; I’m making all my Chinese friends watch the series….I really couldn’t have done it without you guys!!!!

    This brings back a lot of childhood memories and whenever I feel down or sad I just end up eating ice cream and watching Huan Zhu Ge Ge…:)

  33. kim on

    OMGG! I really really really hope that this fall through! I don’t speak chinese so im useless.. I’m really looking forward to season two! I will keep checking back 🙂

  34. Van on

    I found Huan Zhu Ge Ge II in high quality here, thought you might wanna check it out:

    There are rmvb and mkv version, scroll down for mkv version. Episode 6 and 34, 43-48 are missing though.

  35. amivie neski on

    Hi! I have saw your subtitled version of Huan Zhu Ge Ge on D-addicts. i really am shock with happines as i have search high n low for the english subs! to watch it again really makes me happy! i really love this drama and thanks to you i can watch and enjoy them! thank you so much for your help!!
    i love this series so much and really hoping that you guys can continue to subs the second season.. i really hope you guys will! and thank you for subbing hzgg!!

  36. winwinwin on

    I love this site!
    By the way, I really appreciate for your hard work.

  37. winwinwin on

    @Van are they english subtitled?

  38. Carl V. on

    I know this is a very old post, but it’s worth a shot.

    Are the subtitles you created available as .srt or .sub or some other format of text based subtitle file? I already have these DVDs and would rather not have to download all the hard subbed episodes.

    Please contact me if there is any way to obtain the files in this way.
    Thank you.

  39. jeii on

    加油 !!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Kris on

    Hey, it’s been a while…

    So D-Addicts has this batch torrent for Huan Zhu Ge Ge 2, also 640×480 with the same kind of chinese subtitles as the videos you had before. The quality seems the same or similar. I’ve already downloaded the first episode to compare. The format from the torrent is mkv but I can convert it to avi. Would this solve the problem of raws?

    I also downloaded AegisSub a while back to fiddle with some softsubs for another series. If you guys need a timer or QCer, I might be able to handle it. If you guys use another program, then I could try to adapt to it first.

    Just letting you know since summer’s coming up and it seems like there are some favorable omens. 😀

  41. Saa on

    I would LOVE to watch HZGG Season 2. I’m not fluent with Mandarin, but I could probably learn to Edit or do QC if needed.

  42. Emma on

    Please make this happen!

  43. Tina on

    I really hope you guys are still going to sub the second season!! I’ve been searching for subs everywhere relentlessly. Found a gentleman on youtube who’s subbed the second season alone but only up to the 5th episode. Don’t know whether or not he will be continuing since his last upload was about a year ago. Please pick up season 2 as a project!!

  44. Jennifer on

    I would love to watch HZGG season 2 with subs ! I am watching season 2 raw and it’s so hard to understand what is going on with the story line. So I hope you do pick HZGG as a project! I am still waiting til this day for that to happen 😀

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