Batch Torrent on D-A

Hello, hello, hello~! With the ending of HZGG 1 and no intentions of starting season 2 any time soon, there’s little left to be said… 

Except that Huan Zhu Ge Ge season 1 is the winner of the semi-official wuxia series of the month for June at d-addicts! That means the batch some have emailed/pm’d to request has been made by the oh-so generous AkumaX. He and Kandi are graciously seeding the torrent for at least the month of June, and I will try to keep my computer seeding for as long as I can while I’m in China…

So take advantage of this opportunity to download all 24 episodes of season 1 (and don’t forget to help seed afterwards!). Go here :]

Although… along the lines of good news and slightly-medium high hopes, Huan Zhu Ge Ge 2 *is* up for consideration if no one else wants to tackle that monster, but not until like, mid-May of 2010 😛


24 comments so far

  1. azurondine on

    Thank you very much for this series !!!
    I love Zhao Wei’s dramas

    Thanks HZGG

  2. littleblue on

    Thank you so much for all your hard work! If HZGG 2 ever gets started I would be glad to help with the uploading. =)

  3. Liusyaoran on

    Thank you so much for subbing HZG! The subbing are so well done with your perfect spelling, grammar and explanations on proverbs that they can put even the best subbers to shame. I was able to completely understand the story and even the jokes. Thank you again!
    However, please consider subbing the second season soon. I understand that it must be a lot of work but even 1 episode per month would be much appreciated!

  4. A-Sha on

    =o The fact that you even consider of doing subbing for Hzgg 2 one day is like… Woah… xD Will be supporting you forever! Wootss!

  5. kayne001 on

    If you would like (or can), would it be possible to upload or get just the raws for HZGG on the net? Maybe someone would pick it up. (You said if no one wants to tackle that monster you’ll do it. At least having the raw out may provide some incentive)

    Thank you for HZGG, you did a great job.

  6. Kris on

    I am willing to do research as the majority of my time is spent on my own whims. It would be a nice change to help out while learning something new! Should you require an editor, I believe I would qualify. If you need the raw videos, I should have them, but I’m not sure if I have ALL of them. But if you ever need them, my offer stands. I also have (internet) cable, so if you need another uploader, I could help out in that department as well.

    It does seem like a very long wait for the possibility of HZGG 2, but know that I am willing to offer any resource you could possibly wring out of me. I am very eager to see the team perform their magic on HZGG 2 and will bend over backwards to help should you need it.

  7. hzggteam on

    @ Kayne001, we do not have resources and time to download and upload raws, although the tentative schedule is to pick up HZGG some time in may of 2010.
    should that plan fall through and no there’s no other intentions of picking up hzgg any time after that, we may consider uploading raws.

    Thanks for the offer Kris :3

  8. Kris on

    If you were going to upload the raws, would that only be for HZGG 2 or would you upload HZGG 1 too? I’m trying to download them from alcsu’s clubbox, but seeing as it’s all in Korean, it’s giving me a lot of trouble.

  9. Kris on

    Ok, so I finally manage to view alecsu’s clubbox, but I can’t find the Huan Zhu Ge Ge raw files. I think they might have removed it. Do you guys still have the raws?

  10. ifa on

    thank you, thank you, thank you for this great job done to make this series available…
    xie xie nie… wo chen de xie xie nie…
    Can’t hide my hope to see Huan Zhu ge ge Part2 soon…
    Wish I could help to make part 2 available earlier.. but im scared i would just delaying the progress since i have no experience or knowledge on this at all…
    nevertheless thank you!!! thank you!! 🙂

  11. taiwangurl156 on

    OMG OMG!!! Did you guys heard that HZGG will be remade??

  12. Gizmo on

    Hi Thanks for this great series. it seems that episode 24 in Veoh is missing could you please reload. Thanks

  13. Lee on

    Hello, i was wondering is there anyway to DL the episodes w.o using torrents? Please let me know..thanks!

  14. SK on

    Just want to say thanks for a fantastic job. My mum loves this series – shes probably watched it through 3 times already… really great!

    Now just waiting patiently for series two 😉

  15. alec on

    thank you very very much.

    i love this drama and love XYZ&YQ

    wish HZGG2 will update soon ^^

  16. LiFe'S G0oD on

    ..currently wishing for may to come faster! can’t wait for your team to continue with 2nd season. hope you guys are still up to it. fighting! =)

  17. wani on

    im happy to hear that you all are considering to upload Huan Zhu Ge Ge II again…
    i like it so much
    tq a lots

  18. Ashley on

    Really hoping you guys would upload Huan Zhu Ge Ge II, it’s a great show!

  19. odon on

    cant wait 2 c hzgg 2. Appreciate your hard works

    and thank u for 1000000000000000000000000000000000 times

  20. Emily on

    I do appreciate ur hard works. This is really amazing. I love this series so so much. HCGG 2 is my favourite..plzzz upload it soon.
    thx u thousand times.
    keep on doing good jobs!
    love u guys all

  21. kiklen on

    So excited… almost mid of may… Looking forward to hzgg2… Can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait…

  22. Kris on

    There’s going to be a remake of HZGG. When it’s released, will you guys sub it (or consider to)?

  23. hzggteam on

    Hi Kris,
    We probably won’t be subbing the remake. It will probably suck lol.. if it’s good well.. maybe. But HZGG II first!
    Still interested in editing? :]

  24. Amy on

    does anyone know if this is available anywhere? YT keeps deleting episodes.

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