Dear Faithful HZGG Fans,

Thanks so much for for sticking with us through Huan Zhu Ge Ge I. It was a long, tough journey that we still are indisbelief over finishing. Now, with that behind us, I’m sure many of you are wondering about HZGG II and looking forward to its release. 

However, we know some of you have seen the comment made earlier in the “About” page and have made inquiries. To answer the question, it is true. Currently, the HZGG Team has no intention of picking up HZGG II. We were extremely grateful of all who have stuck with us and were very happy that our subs brought great joy to many people. It is also somewhat sad for us that we are unable to continue. 

Many reasons contributed to our arrival at this decision. The most important is our staff. Unfortunately those who have joined us were only able to work for a short period before having to disappear and never return due to their duties in real life. Others may have been discouraged by the high demand for dedication in order to sub this series. As a result, most of the work in the end still came to the only people who have an obligation to not abandon this series, the admins. We also lead extremely busy lives outside of fansubbing, but we were the ones who had to make time to research historical facts and references (of which many popular idol dramas do not require a substantial amount), coming up with translations for the insane amount of word plays in this show, fixing every line of timing and translation to meet the unique style of this show. We understand our staff members are unable to be 100% dedicated, but because we share the same busy lifestyle as many of them, very little progress can be made with just 2 people. With school and work and everything else, fansubbing had to take back seat many times. With our lives getting continually busier, even if we continue at the same rate, 48 episodes of HZGG II would take us far too many hours in the ~3 years that it would take. Unfortunately, HZGG Team does not have the staff it requires to pick up HZGG II at any time in the near future.

BUT! This means any team interested may try and tackle the big mess that it is. The option is open to anyone. In addition, because it makes us somewhat sad to give up half way through, we have decided that if interested and dedicated translators (we are looking for 2-3, maybe 4 for now who are able to interpret Chinese into English well and are willing to research) and timers (2-3, able to time to voice and have relatively flexible schedule), Tweedyy is willing to continue with her spot/edit/final QC roles as Gem is with typesetting/QC and Kandi as encoder to finish this project in a quick and relatively painless manner. HOWEVER, if staff disappears, little to no progress would be made by Gem and Tweedy alone due to their busy schedules. We’d hate to leave you hanging for months at a time (or forever, if we have no choice but to drop) . 

We will advertise on d-addicts. Please spread the word to anyone who might be interested and qualified (see the updated Join? page), and we should we ever acquire sufficient resources to pick up the sequel, you certainly won’t be kept in the dark. Also, feel free to pitch this project to any groups who may want to take this on.

Again, it is with much sadness that we bring you this news, but we hope you understand.

Gem and Tweedyy


28 comments so far

  1. HZGGfan on

    Nope, I totally get it. I kind of figured something like that can happen. Unfortunately, there really isn’t much I can do to help. I do however want to take this opportunity again to thank you for doing HZGG season one. It brought back many good memories. Best of Luck to the entire HZGGteam!

  2. Leialyssa on

    Aww D; Totally understand you guys. It’s okay, but I’m sure we loyal fans will always wait, even if there’s only a tinge of hope somewhere. You had done the best of best for Hzgg I and for that, I’d always respect all of you kind people for your hardwork! 😀 It’s a sad news for us but we totally understand 😀 Without you guys, people like me, who’re Chinese-illiterate would never understand 100% the beauty of Hzgg (The idioms and all). Go Hzggteam! 😀 Best of luck in real life!

  3. evolecallaw on

    Oh, and I just recently discover the HZGG team too. Sad to hear the news but I totally understand. You know I really appreciated when fansubber honesty tell us if they cannot continue rather than just abandon without telling us. So even though I’m sad but I understand 100% the difficulty of translating, especially with HZGG. Qiong Yao sure make it difficult. But would you guys please continue translating the songs in HZGG II. I love listening to the song but don’t really understand the meaning.

  4. evolecallaw on

    Also, I know the team does not like HZGG III but can you please please please translate the songs too. I know the poetic lyrics were written by Qiong Yao herself.

  5. lavy on

    It’s a really really sad news but I totally understand your reason. All of us have real life responsibilities… I wish my Chinese is a bit better so I can join you guys but it probably isn’t there yet. Hopefully there will be HZGG fans out there who are willing to continue this. Thank you again for HZGGI and good luck in everything!

  6. goldlilys on

    Awww, thank you for all the dedication and time that you guys spent of subbing this series. Without you guys, this old, but timeless series would never have been known by us international fans. Good luck in everything that you do in the future. ❤

  7. Kris on

    Your dedication to HZGG shines through your fansubs. It is completely understandable that you guys shouldn’t pick up such a project if you cannot give it 100%, and it would not be fair to lay the burden on only two people, no matter how dedicated they are. HZGG 2 is twice as long as HZGG 1, and no doubt, it would require an enormous effort from the staff, even more so if you were short-handed, to pull it off as splendidly as you guys did season 1.

    I thank you for giving us HZGG 1 fansubs. I hope you truly understand how much that means to me, to all of us, who grew up with the series.

    I an so enamored with the series, I would like to extend my hand in assistance. Though my qualifications are lacking, I hope my enthusiasm and willingness to learn will help overcome any obstacles I may come across. I hope to hear from you soon.

  8. lavy on

    Just want to let you know, I do have a Vietnamese dubbed version of HZGG2. Although the quality is quite bad, since I’m a fluent Vietnamese and English speaker, I can do some translation.

    But then I doubt if this can be of any help, ’cause this way the translation can barely be accurate.

  9. ymleow on

    The amount of work and dedication is obvious. This is the first show I’ve seen that the research and labouring to get the correct nuances of the language, customs, behaviour and mindset of the people and period is apparent. Not being fluent in Mandarin, in this case I was a taker – an appreciating one, and frustratingly could not help out. However, the HZGG Team has won my admiration from the first episode, and further astounded me in subsequent ones.
    May the spirits of the Returned Princess and the Genuine Princess bless them.

  10. Saa on

    Your efforts and dedication to the first season did not go unnoticed. Thank you for subbing the series. Very many people were able to enjoy it before of you all, including me, who’ve waited around seven years for subs (as official ones would not release and due to certain circumstances, I am unable to learn the language myself). Thank you all very much. ❤

    However, I completely understand your point. This series has too many wordplays and cultural aspects that need researching (which involves time) for two person to burden themselves with. If you cannot sub the series, I understand, though it is unfortunate, as your releases have been of such high quality.

    I wish I could help you all in some way, but I do not know how to time, QC, or translate. At least, not unless I use Overstream to put in the subs. That, and I’m pretty sure I need a grasp of the language to know what to research for. =/ However, I may be able to edit the translations for grammatical errors, if you need it.
    As of now, I cannot think of anyone capable who can help, but I will try to find some and ask if they are interested.

    Good luck to everyone.

  11. Diana on

    I was wondering, even if you guys aren’t able to put it up with subs, can you upload it raw please? ive been looking all over for it but i cant find it.
    but anyways, thanks for the hard work 😀

  12. Sunshine on

    aww that sad, i was hoping for part II!! well thanks for all your time, dedication and hard work for subbing part I!!!

  13. omaicay on

    I have learned Chinese for two years, and I can translate English too. Can I help you guys continue the work? I want to translate this drama to English and Vietnamese (i’m a Vietnamese) very much, but I can’t find HZGG Chinese version anywhere. If you guys can’t continue, you can send Chinese version (or link download) to my email, i will try my best to finish it (i can do with my classmate :D).

    My email is Send me link down load, ok? 😀

    Good luck, all of you!

    And thank you very much! 😡 😡 😡

  14. hzggteam on

    We cannot provide raws to anyone because without an active projects, no raw providers are able to download and reupload raws for the team, let alone for the public.

    However, the clubbox is always available to everyone as an option if you would like to have the DVD raws for yourself.

  15. CeCe on

    Hi, I just started watching HZGG after so long and I wanted to say that I love you guys for taking the time to SUB the first season. I’m half way through and noticed that there’s no ENG SUBs for Season II =( I really REALLY hope the team will change their minds and sub HZGG II this year. Until then, are there any other websites or forums that have english subs?

  16. hzggteam on

    Maybe we will pick it up spring of 2010 haha, but ntil then… as far as I know, there are no coherent English subs anywhere but here. If there were, we wouldn’t be posting this message!

  17. Susanna on

    Hi, thanks sooo much for translating HZGG1, you guys did such a great job! And I totally understand about being busy and unable to continue.
    I am very interested in trying to translate HZGGII, I think I would understand most of it to translate to englih, except I will have difficulties in the poems, idioms and such, as I haven’t learned a lot of those, but I’m sure there will be ways of researching for it. I’m also curious to know where is it possible to find the RAWS, as I don’t have them. If you got any information, please let me know!

  18. Hien on

    @ omaicay;
    I think there’s already vietnamese-dubbed HZGG.

  19. Ice on

    I am from Vietnam. I don’t know Chinese, but I can translate in to English from Vietnamese-dubbed HZGG II. I really hope I can join and help the team somethings.

  20. Grace on


    I really appreciate you guys having translated the series, and it’s really a great series, I’ve watched it like 3 times already. Thanks again

  21. weird on

    Hey loved the series, can’t wait for season 2 but I’ll manage to find something to do in the mean time. XD

    I’ll be seeding season one until it’s time to seed season 2. ^^

  22. Sue on

    I wanna say thank you for all your hard work. Amazing! 🙂

  23. DavidJT on

    I totally understand… And thank you so much for the Sub, I’ve watch this movie along long time ago, it was translate in Cambodia as it brought to Cambodia. I’ve been searching for it every where, even try to buy DVDs, but sadly it only speak Chinese, but I don’t, so it very difficult, still I enjoyed, but would have been nicer if I could have understand it fully. Thanks for the first season… Hope you change your mind and continue to the Second Season…
    Good LUCK and best WISHES to all HZGG teams.

  24. 3rd on

    Hey i was wondering if you still needed help to translate HZGG II to english cos i can help 🙂 I just don’t know how to time etc but i can basically translate the stuff 🙂

  25. Petom on

    Hi there i just want to say BIG THANK YOU for all the efforts…I wish for the best, really hope there would be subbed version of HZGG II in future!

    If you still hiring, I could offer my help to time. Other than that, just to let you know that I have a raw version of HZGG II from my VCD collection ~ (bought back in year 2000 which cost a fortune haha, but at that time downloading stuffs online was unheard of. And the thing is I didn’t understand Chinese at all, just bought it for the sake of remembrance xD. So in case there may be some problem obtaining the DVD quality raw elsewhere, this could be a backup.

  26. xuevana on

    thank you so much for subbing this, there wont be any others subbers like u guys that sub old series like this. I just hope that there will be one day you sub the 2nd series. If not, can i just ask where can i download the raw file for season 2? thank u
    watch this after 12 years still make me feel happy ^^

  27. kiklen on

    I feel sad hearing this news but I totally understand your difficulties. I really appreciate all your effort and time you had put into subbing season one. I felt fortunate enough to have watch hzgg 1… Thank you a bunch for subbing season 1 so I can fully understand the series… Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you… Just wanna tell all that I really appreciate all your hard work… words cannot describe how much I appreciate your hard work… I’m a big fan of AV… Totally obbessed with them and this series in the past and still do until this day… I will keep waiting although hope is slightly small… You all work hard and I admire you for that… I will come back to check on this site for good news…Once again thank you for giving me a chance to enough such a wonderful series…

  28. Moona Arita on

    HI there. I can understand about this difficulty.
    I’m a Vietnamese, unfortunately I don’t know Chinese. However, I can try to translate from Vietnamese dubbed version to English.
    If I can help, please let me know. I really want this project to continue.
    Or else, I can learn to be a timer.
    I have a flexible schedule (by now)~~ So, if I can help in any mean, please let me know by my email, or you can find me on facebook: MOONA ARITA

    Good luck to you.
    And Thanks again for your awesome work. It brings back to me many many memories

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