Ep 24 winds up

We’re finally done with this series. Thank you to everyone who has followed our releases and left encouraging comments! Please enjoy the last episode ^^

Ep 24 of 24

The six ‘criminals’ are brought back to court for a final hearing. Zi Wei tries to win the Emperor over with blatant flattery and teary eyes, Xiao Yan Zi offers up her life and then retracts it with a biting argument, the Fu brothers miss death by a mere second, and wrongs are settled with a flourish as the clever Ji Xiaolan brings the fake confessions to the Emperor’s attention. However the Empress is not appeased and Saiya still insists on marrying Er Kang, so the gang will have to overcome several more obstacles in their quest to live out their youth merrily.

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MU: Part 1 | Part 2


31 comments so far

  1. nanami on

    Thank you so much for the releases. It’s an awesome drama and i really enjoyed it a lot.

    Great work *thumps up*

  2. lavy on

    OMG OMG OMG ep 24!!!

    thanks so much guys!

    how about season 2? (i’m not rushing or anything)

  3. trafaluo on

    wooo…you made my day <3..love u guys

  4. meepers on

    Thank you! I’ve greatly enjoyed rewatching this series with your releases. ♥

  5. eskeigh on

    WOW. You guys rock! I can’t believe it’s all finished! Congrats!

  6. od on

    soooo fast ,,,,cooooooooooool luv u guyz so much..

    lookin forward 2 watch season 2 😉

  7. Kris on

    Whoo hoo~! Thank you! It’s been a great ride (mentally and emotionally, that series is like a roller coaster!) but well worth the wait! Your quality subs have allowed us to understand the setting and period of the drama as well as all the little nuances that make it Huan Zhu Ge Ge. Let it be known that your efforts are well appreciated, and I speak for my friends who have been drawn (aka suckered) into this series as well.

    That being said, you guys deserve a vacation! But know that we’re all waiting for season 2 as well!

  8. enkhee on

    Much appreciation for your hard people. It has taken years of your lifetime and probably few of you are prematurely gray. We all love you for the sacrifice. HZGG is not an obscure drama, far from it. But old dramas are scarcely picked up by subbers and you people have shown great kindness to bring us all childhood memories from happier times. Thank you and thank you. I will miss checking this site everyday.

  9. corlee1289 on

    WHOOOOOOOOOO!!! Thank you very much!! ❤

    I hope you guys also sub season two of HZGG!! But no major rush on that one yet…

    But thank you so much for subbing this series! I watched it when I was much younger and only vaguely understood it then, now because of your dedicated efforts, I understood it so much more!!

    THANK YOU!! ❤

  10. Peach on

    OMG..thank you so much, all your hard work are greatley appreciated! A thousand thanks to you guys, you guys are the best in the world..made my day! Thank you and I hoping for season two already..but no need to rush..you guys deserve to rest and relax for a while..

  11. Miss Daisy on

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!
    This is a piece of my treasured childhood – I used to watch this show as the only means of escape from a bad childhood every week.
    It literally, helped saved my life.

    Thanks for all your hard work, I know its been ALOT of effort and work that has gone into making this series as brilliantly translated as it is here, complete with colour coded subtitles and explanations!


    Looking forward to the rest of your projects and you have my FULL SUPPORT.

  12. Jamie on

    Thanks so much for subbing this series. It’s definitely one of my favourites and I wouldn’t have been able to watch if it weren’t for your subs. Will be looking forward to future projects especially HZGG2.

  13. Feedert on

    Wow, I´ve just visit your website to download episode 23 two days ago and 24 is already out, that´s fast, thank you very much!!

  14. bluemoon on

    I add my thanks and appreciation to the rest of the comments. Your willingness to tackle this rich drama and put in so much extra effort into the project makes each episode a treasure. As a non-Chinese (or just-beginning-student) speaker, I was able to get so many additional nuances and pleasures from watching these episodes.

    Thank you, thank you, and take a long well-deserved vacation!

  15. infatuated22 on

    thank you so much for your subs and uploads! i loved this drama! it made me smile and laugh so much! I really appreciated it! thank you! I hope you guys will continue subbing!

  16. ABC boy on

    Thank you so much for all your hard work! For a native Cantonese speaker who doesn’t quite understand Mandarin this has been a blessing. Now I know why my Taiwanese girlfriend was laughing so hard throughout the series!

  17. HZGGfan on

    thanks for subbing this series!! You’ve done an amazing job bringing back this classic! I read somewhere that you guys are planning to do season 2 as well? Can we look forward to this also?

  18. littleblue on

    Thank you for your hard work and dedication! =)

  19. Leialyssa on

    It has been the best roller coaster ride all these times. Thank you for your dedicated hard work that brought us 1001 happiness, smiles and tears of joy. I may sound a bit exaggerating but we, lovers of Hzgg forever, owe you a lot ❤ Thank you, thank you, thank you! So looking forward to watch this last episode. I’m sure the rest of us will patiently and kindly wait for the starting of Hzgg 2. No matter how long it’ll take, we’ll always be right here waiting for you 😀

    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart ;D

  20. Ice on

    Many many thanks. You did an awesome jobs.
    I heard that you will sub HZGG 2. Hope you all have a good vacation before starting of part 2

  21. Wu on

    Wow, GREAT work!! And just when I’ve found you guys, you had released the last episode. I quickly watched the whole series, I don’t know how I could stand waiting so long between each episodes.

    The subs and notes are really helpful as I don’t understand those Chinese idioms that well. Thank you!

    When would you guys think HZGG 2 would be finished subbing? I would rather watch the whole thing after it’s done than suffer through the anxiety of waiting after each episode =p

  22. infatuated22 on

    Just wondering how come this episode is not up in d-addicts yet? Thank you for your awesome subbing team. I know you guys did a lot of hard work so that we can understand and enjoy this drama! thank you so much! you will be bless! take care!

  23. hzggteam on

    It already is…

  24. bob on

    please please can you upload onto veoh??

  25. peach on

    can anyone upload it on veoh? im dying to see it!!! thanks you soo much….

  26. 2217 on

    can you upload it on veoh?
    i have download both parts but i can only watch the 1st part in my computer. i can’t open the 2nd part.

  27. hzggteam on


    If more people learned to read, more time would be spent on our part for uploading rather than for reexplaining things over and over again.

  28. sarah on

    infinity of tq to u
    i’ve search this for a really long time..
    u’ve made my day

  29. wawa_usagi on

    finally… the last ep
    congratulation ^__^
    n thank you 4 this great sub

  30. disisshuey on

    omg! thank you for the subs!

  31. Andytizer on

    Thank you very much for such a great job translating this series.

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