Ep 19 makes up and gets stabbed

Ep 19 of 24

Yong Qi and Xiao Yan Zi wind up in a deserted field that proves to be the perfect place to argue again, persuade, kiss (yes kiss! hehehe) and make up. Xiao Yan Zi also manages to wound her leg in the process, thereby causing momentary alarm among the royal household, but heals in an amazingly short amount of time in order to let Zi Wei take centre-stage where injuries are concerned. A knife ends all the jollity of the excursion as Er Kang takes the lead in Massive Freaking Out Over Injured!Zi Wei session.

File Information

Raw credit: alecsu clubbox
Video codec: XviD MPEG-4
Video bitrate: 1489 kbps
Audio codec: AC-3 ACM
Audio bitrate: 192 kbps
Frame size: 640 x 480
Note: The quickest way to an Emperor’s heart is to get stabbed in his place.


Translator: Tweedyy
Spot Translator: Gem
Timer: miken-chan
Typesetter: Gem
QC: Tweedyy
Encoder: Kandi

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Torrent: D-A
MU: Part 1 | Part 2


47 comments so far

  1. lavy on

    1st! thank you, somehow i feel that ep 19 will be up today!!

  2. ristina on

    so high!!

  3. ristina on

    thnx a lot!!!
    but please please can you upload it on veoh?
    coz MU doesnt work well for me ;(

  4. suraya on


  5. Leiahzgg on

    I never failed to check this site everyday 😀 And at last, the episode we all have been waiting for =) THANKS SO MUCH YOU SUPERB PEOPLE FOR YOUR HARD WORK 😀

  6. eskeigh on

    OMGGG YOU JUST MADE MY WEEKEND! <333 Thank you SO MUCH for this episode! *___* Keep up the awesome work!

  7. steph on

    ohmygosh!!!! yay~~!! thank you so much<3 🙂

  8. bluemoon on

    Thank you all so much! It is delightful to be able to watch this series and know (more or less) what is going on!

    Great job, everyone!!!

  9. Ice on

    It’s great. Thanks a lot

  10. kawai panda on

    yeah…im so happy. thank you,guys…thank a lot (n_n)

  11. trafaluo on

    Aww..thanks guys for ur efforts..it’s out finally!!..Love yaa…*muackz*

  12. mona on

    can somebody put it on veoh.. i like to watch it there??? thank you so much

  13. LALA on


  14. es on


  15. brita on


  16. hzggteam on

    It’ll be on veoh when our veoh uploader puts in on veoh ^^
    Right now, your options are download or torrent from D-A

    …whining is also an option, but it’s not going to make veoh magically appear. sorry.

  17. luv hzgg on

    haha “make veoh magically appear” btw tanks been waiting fo so long

    must be hard doing all this

  18. Kris on

    Great job as usual, guys. I know my friend has been waiting for this squee-session for months (the previous episode’s preview did nothing to stem the excitement).

    I was wondering about the cause of the fight. Why did those people attack them? Did they believe them to be part of another martial arts sect or something? Originally, I thought they were assassins sent after the Emperor, but then after watching your fansub, it got me confused. Was the whole festival an ambush attack?

  19. lavy on

    @ Kris: I think the whole festival was a assassination plan. They knew that the emperor was on his excursion and wanted to attack him. As for the reason, those ppl were parts of Dacheng sect, as the subbers explained, Dacheng sect was a part of While Lotus (bailianjiao), a group that was anti-Qing/anti-Manchu and somewhat wanted to restore Ming Dynasty and created the White Lotus Revolution/rebellion in 19th century. This revolution also led to bigger ones later during the Qing reign, such as Taiping rebellion.

    That’s how it was as far as I know ^^ hopefully someone can confirm this 🙂

  20. lavy on

    Oh and the Manchu crushed the rebellion, so they were there to revenge ^^

  21. Kris on

    Ah, thank you lavy. Where did you learn of this? I checked the references and there was no mention of that tidbit. Hm…perhaps Wikipedia? I should have gone there first. Who knew they included a historically possible attack in a drama?

  22. hzggteam on

    Yeah there were such sects and they were rebellions. I’m not sure if this actually happened in history, but the anti-Qing rebellions did happen, and the Dacheng/Bailian Sect followers did want to overthrow the Emperor.

    But in the show, it was an ambush. Everyone there was in on it because they knew the emperor was coming…. but as far as the validity of the event in history, I can’t confirm it O.o; maybe someone else can?

  23. lavy on

    @ Kris: np ^^ I actually study chinese history (not as a major btw), although my interest is only up to the end of Qing dynasty, not after that. Also, I do have some relation with China ^^

    Well, I don’t remember reading such a specific event. There were of course plans to assassinate Qianlong (there always were plans to kill the emperor, esp. this is Qianlong). Maybe someone else can confirm? LOL

  24. zie on

    Thank you so much for Episode 19!!
    I wasn’t in the blog these days because I was burning HZGG 1 from Episode 1 to 18 on DVD (english subs of course) and I was making copies of the DVd so I can distribute it to all my hzgg fan friends !Pls continue!! Cannot wait for episode 20.

    @HZGG TEAM: Will the videos of HZGG2 Episodes be as high quality as the videos of HZGG1??


  25. lina on


    @ Zie, what are you writing??

  26. Kris on

    Lol, I believe it is a mockery of our very beloved chris. Oddly enough, we’re still continuing the comment/thread on the previous episode. Curious indeed.

  27. Kris on

    That piece of Chinese history is actually quite useful (it will come in handy for a good story). Was Qianlong the only emperor to experience the rebellions? Was it something he did to incite the wrath of these martial arts sects? I wonder if this has something to do with the plot of HZGG2/HZGG3?

  28. hzggteam on

    ^lol… guys,
    Zie = chris xD

    seriously. no joke. He thought he was really smart… but we’re smarter :] and are in charge of the edit button ^-^

  29. Kris on

    Wow. That was kinda unexpected. Then again, as part of your faithful fans, we can’t actually see the IP addresses or emails. Nice catch though.

    So which is his real opinion? zie, or chris? Is he really a closet HZGG fan or was he trying to pull the wool over our eyes?

  30. chris on

    kris if you really wanna know the answer than I am a ex-fan of hzgg . Since there was no more seasons after hzgg3, i did not like hzgg anymore but i appreciate hzgg2 and 1 a little lol

    i just love fooling peoples in comments! lol


  31. lala on

    please continue uploading til the end! i can’t watch episode 1 knowING it is incomplete |:

  32. hzggforever on

    I’m confused… How come the Dachen/Bailian sect is related to Buddhism? You know I’m buddhism and I’m in the Dacheng sect (Buddhism has 2 categories Dacheng and XiaoChen) and there’s no such thing as anti-manchu in it…

  33. Kris on

    I’m not sure if there’s a connection there. There are many sects in martial arts, and sometimes they’re named after the style or something. Then again, I’m not the Chinese History expert here.

  34. Yuri on

    Waaah I was super duper waiting for episode 19 due to the kissing scene.hehehe. Thank you so much.I was always checking veoh but everytime I go there, no episode 19 was there so I wondered may be you had it so at the moment I saw the number 19, I downloaded it immediately though I don’t usually download dramas if I haven’t seen them yet. What you’re doing is truly superb. Thanks guys. Keep up the good work. How I wish I understand Mandarin and other Chinese languages. If I did, I would want to join you…Thanks again.

  35. iMMATURE on

    I usually watch this on veoh … but because i’m beyond desperate … i downloaded it and none of my programs can show it … what program do i use to view the file?? Your efforts are much appreciated ^^

  36. hzggteam on

    Personally, I’d recommend VLC media player. That’s probably your easiest way out for this one~

  37. peachie on

    I was wondering how come this ep is not on veoh? i cant watch it if it not on veoh? is there a way so you guys can upload it on veoh? been waiting for a very long time to see this ep!! thanks

  38. Jocelyn on

    thanks! upload to veoh pleaseeeeee :))

  39. hzgg on

    will ep19 be uploaded on veoh.com?

    that’s where i watch your fantastic eng subs eps.

    i can’t use megaload!

  40. hzgg forever on

    What’s going on?? No new updates?? 😦

  41. enny on

    hi, thank you so much for this cute episode. I’ll be patiently waiting for all the rest. Really appreciate what you guys are doing!

  42. Ice on

    It has been a while. I am waiting for Ep 20 😦

  43. chikage on

    waiting for EP 20 😦

  44. Iwan on

    Hi guys thanks a lot for the good work. I’ve downloaded both parts but i can only play part 1. I’ve failed to play the second part. Wil you be kind explaining to me how I can play the second part? thanks before

  45. eskeigh on

    Iwan: You have to download HJSplit and join the two files you downloaded to make it an .avi file. 🙂

  46. Maria on

    Can you guys upload hzgg episode 19 on Veoh, please?
    Because somehow I can’t even open the MU’s url.. 😦
    Anyways, thank you in advanced.

  47. wawa_usagi on

    thank you 4 this great sub
    always looking forward 4 next ep

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