Ep 18 gets jealous and throws stones

Ep 18 of 24

A little pitiful, family-less girl wreaks havoc among the group dynamics. The almost-to-be couple engages in the quarrel of the season that ends up in a session of stone-throwing and chicken-drumstick-tossing. The rest of the gang watches worriedly as the Emperor thinks that Yong Qi and Xiao Yan Zi are the strangest pair of siblings around. Yong Qi also manages to offend everyone around him as he falls victim to an illness that cannot be cured by medicine. In short, a purely fanservice-y episode that should not and cannot be missed.

File Information

Raw credit: alecsu clubbox
Video codec: XviD MPEG-4
Video bitrate: 1492 kbps
Audio codec: AC-3 ACM
Audio bitrate: 192 kbps
Frame size: 640 x 480
Note: Stone throwing is the way to go, baby.


Translator: Tweedyy
Spot Translator: Gem
Timer: Lukia, trina
Editor: angiez
Typesetter: Gem
QC: Leviathan
Encoder: Kandi

Download Links

MU: Part 1 | Part 2


63 comments so far

  1. maid3st1ny on

    yayy! beginning of next ep is the cutest scene everrr in hzgg 1.. ahh so excited.. we’ll be starting hzgg 2 soon, yayy!

  2. Corr-chan on

    I could be wrong, but part two is incorrect. It’s listed as episode 17 part two… Not episode 18 part two…

  3. luv hzgg on

    wow they gettin hit up man really cant wait fo the 19 wow i admire u guys fo bein so commited haha must be frustratin sometimes huh especially the poetry n stuff hehe

  4. kawai panda on

    i just in a process of downloading eps 17, yet i saw another new eps. it realy exciting to watch both of this 2 eps. thank you so much u guys !!!

  5. od on

    love you guys so much…it must be killin hard to translate all those complicated phrases … really appreciate your hard work… keep going

  6. Leiahzgg on

    Unbelievable, another episode from you dedicated people! Thank you so much for this episode! Can’t wait to see the uber cute stone-throwing scene =D

  7. zie on

    OMG OMG!! this is so exiting!!

    thank you so much for releasing the 2 episodes!!

    keep up the good work hzgg team!


  8. Kris on

    Wow, it’s true. You guys have the wrong link up for episode 18 of HZGG part 2.

  9. Kandi on

    Copy/Paste mistake. Anyhoo, here’s the right link.

  10. es on

    YAY!! thanks so much for your hard work!!

    p.s. thanks for giving the right link! lol
    i thought i did something wrong at first –x

  11. pax on

    LOVE IT!!!! im in love all over again..thanks soo much..love u guys soo much!!!

  12. enkhee on


  13. honey on

    woow thank you
    i loved this episode soo much
    =] unmissable episode indeed.
    and cant wait for the next one, nest episode looks soo dramatic, im gonna love it
    thank you again for your hard word!

  14. Nanami on

    Hi there

    actually I don’t watch Chinese doramas (more Addicted to Jdrama since I understand the language), but HZGG really is awesome. I realized after seeing the 1st episode that the main actor is Vicky zao wei. I loved her in Dream girl and so close, so i was soo happy to see her here ^__^

    Thanks so much for sharing it.
    It reminds me somehow at Fushigi yugi (i mean those pretty costumes and the wonderful landscape)^^

  15. Jan on

    hye..first of all i wanna express all my gratitude towards u guys for your commitment..u’ve made lots and lots of people happy..i’ve been searching like hell for this series with english-sub..i watched it when i was 7 and fell in love with it..so thanx a million yea..but there’s a wee bit problem..i downloaded both parts of episode 1 (yea..i know..pathetic..but i just found this site)from megaupload..but i cant open part 2..it just said “cannot render file”..i am absolutely clueless on what to do..help me please!!

    ps:damn good subtitles and the notes come in very handy as well..:)

  16. Jan on

    oo yes..btw i tried to join the split files of episode 1 (yes..i know pathetic)..but only the first part was there..i seriously think the second part is corrupt or sumthing but then again im not the expert here..so care to explain that also yea..please and thanx..^-^

  17. Kris on

    Try downloading part 2 again. Sometimes files get corrupted as they are downloading and a second download might fix it. If it still doesn’t work, you could try downloading the episode by torrent or something. There’s usually an alternative download available.

  18. Jan on

    Ok I’ll trying using torrent..thanx alot yea..=)

  19. Charis on

    Hi Everyone,I’ve a problem here and hope you all can help. I downloaded HJSplit to join the two movies, but when I click on Join,I’m not able to select the 001 movie to the Input File.So, I’m not able to join the split files.. can someone help? Thanks a lot.

  20. Kris on

    Is it just that it’s not joining or because it’s not there? Make sure you’ve gone to the right folder/directory that has the 001 AND 002 files. They won’t join the files if it’s in separate folders.

  21. Chanmie on

    i love xiaoyanzi and yongqi scene especially this eps. it seem like they don’t get a lot of scene together like erkang and ziwei. anyways, i hope to see hzgg 2 really soon. thanks again for subbing.

  22. mona on

    hello thank you for the hard work the subbing team but if you could tell me when the next episode will be subbed?? I don’t want to rush you all but I don’t want to check everyday and be dissapointed again.. I am not RUSHING you guyss.. it would be nice to have an idea of when to check for updates. thanks again.. just cant wait for the kiss.

  23. LOL on

    Hi! thx for subbing this episode. Next time, could you please split the movie to maximum 250 MB ?? Cause this file 001 is too large! It taked me 5 hours to download even if I have High speed DSL. So I downloaded the movie at veoh in low quality video.

  24. Caris on

    Hi Kris, it’s just not there.I put them in the same folder. For eg, epi 1.
    [HZGG Team] Huan Zhu Ge Ge Episode 1.avi.001
    [HZGG Team] Huan Zhu Ge Ge Episode 1.avi

    When I click on join, the .001 file does not appear at the INPUT FILE. So, can you teach me how to join these two files?
    Thanks a lot!

  25. Kris on

    Hm…that is odd indeed. Is it just not working for the first episode? The file isn’t corrupt, is it? If it still doesn’t work, maybe you should consider downloading it by torrent.

  26. Caris on

    All the files I’m not able to join it. It just doesn’t appear in Input File. I’ve downloaded it by torrent, just tat MU is faster. Anyway, thanks for your help! 🙂
    Thanks for the team that sub this also..

  27. HZGG Team on

    @ mona: Ep 19 is in QC stage so hopefully it will be out by next week.

    @ LOL: I will let our uploader know, but it’s odd that high speed DSL should take 5 hours to download 250mb…perhaps there’s a problem with your internet connection? High speed DSL should be able to download over 1 or 2gb worth of stuff in 5 hours.

  28. LOL on

    yes i know that it’s odd that High Speed DSL should take 5h to download 250MB. But my Internet Company infomed me that the speed depends on the traffic of the website…

    can’t wait for epi 19!!

  29. lina on

    Hi! thank you so much for you hard work!!

    Thank you for uploading in AVI format !!! I really hate when people upload Asian TV Shows in RMVB format (bad quality).

    Keep up the good work!!!

  30. ristina on

    wah! thnx for subbing this!
    i love it!

    nway can’t wait for ep 19 and 20!!

  31. chris on

    i cant believe that u guys are stupidly watching hzgg in englih subs… eww.. hzgg sucks!! too much romance is too much!!!! and the series are sooo lod 1997. omg. u guys are really stupids!!!

    HZGG SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Kris on

    Oh my god, it’s the retard again.

    Didn’t you get the hint from the last bashing? You’re not welcome here, and your snarky comments are yours alone – keep them to yourself.

    If you’ve given us another e-mail to spam (preferably your boss again – PLEASE give us any reason to bring you down), we’d be more than happy to rise to the challenge. Anything to get our favorite basher in trouble.

    And if you think that HZGG sucks, then why are you purposefully coming to an HZGG blog? Do you just like to listen to the little devil inside you that tells you to do bad things? (By the way, I hope your karmic payback comes to bite you in the ass. Or turns you into one. It’d be easier to forgive your typings skills, or lack thereof, if you didn’t have opposable thumbs…or fingers for that matter)

  33. ymleow on

    You guys in HZGG Team are the best, having laboriously subbing the series for so long relentlessly despite the challenges you face.

    24 episodes and you’ve done three quarters, thru the fires of nuances, expressions, translation, interpretation, utterly dead end poetry, classical terms, changes in the team, trolls, getting bandwidth; armed with persistence, determination, love for the show, love for the fans, love for the story, love of the fun and broadness of knowledge and minds, humour and esprit d’corp.

    Thank God for people like you!

  34. hzggteam on

    hahaha Kris…
    Or should I say.. “Alex”?

    :3 We don’t really have time to play around with you here. Thanks for dropping by though. Nice to know that you still love and care about us so much :]

  35. chris on

    @ hzgg team: wow!!! you’ve stupidly remember my fake name!!

    @kris: oh! so im not welcomed?? u can say whatever you want, im going to any site that i want. go on! try to stop me!! I really wanna see how good u are in computer&internet!

  36. Kris on

    That’s exactly the point, idiot. Out of the ever-increasing number of websites out in the internet, you decided to come here why? Are you really that lame that you have nothing better to do? After all, you could be WORKING. Oh wait, it must be hard to find work when you can’t type properly, much less speak English. Maybe you should think about taking those ESL classes, I hear they have special remedial classes for the retarded.

  37. Leiahzgg on

    Wow, there’s a pathetic loser lurking in here o_O I wonder why he chose to come in here instead of other-spam fest places…

  38. chris on

    @kris: you can say whatever you want!! Do u really think that if you try to insult me, than I’ll leave you bitches alone?

  39. Shira on

    Just let that loser rant. I can only guess that he’s spamming this place because no one else is. Plus, he has nothing else better to other than discriminating people that love this series. We can now all assume that this idiot here has nothing better to do in his life than this. End of story. My point? Ignore the loser.

    Besides that, I want to thank HZGG team for all the work they’ve done up to this point and later on in the future. It must be hard juggling from the responsiblities you have in life to subbing this long series :] Keep it up guys!

  40. lavy on

    omg, i get all excited thinking about HZGG2, not that i’m rushing you guys, just that the subs are great and i hope you can continue with the HZGG2 🙂 thank you guys 🙂

  41. Kris on

    And of course, we find out that chris is a sexist. What sane male would watch an ‘overly romantic’ series? Please, this series is a classic. If you don’t like it: don’t watch it, and don’t go looking for it-simple as that.

    Now we really DO know how pathetic you are, since it took you a day to respond to a comment posted here. Strange, isn’t it? You claim to hate the series, and yet you visit the site often. I think we have a closet HZGG fan. What other skeletons do you have in the closet? Perhaps the REAL reason you’re sexist?

    I believe my work here is done for the day. When you’re ready to embrace who you REALLY are, we’ll welcome you and your not-so-humble opinions. Until then, I bid you adieu.

  42. anonymous on

    u guys really did a great jobs here… well done… luv ya….

  43. Ice on

    Many thanks for English sub
    I’m waiting for Ep 19 & Ep 20. Waiting & waiting

  44. od on

    ive seen on wikipage that end of august will be the completion of HZGG1. im checkin it everyday and im rather dissapointed

  45. chris on

    Kris, did I said that i was sexist??

    You cannot guess someting that is not comfirmed. duh

  46. Kris on

    If you had even given a THOUGHT to what you said that I replied to, you might understand why I would call you sexist.

  47. enkhee on

    Gosh, I was wondering how the comments count got so high so fast.

    @od: why don’t you go od somewhere else and find someone else who won’t dissapoint you. I’m just thankful HZGG got picked up after so many years of neglect. We should be groveling.

    @chris: I don’t know what to say. Please leave us alone. You sound like a 12 year old girl, living in some obscure country side. Please go find yourself a hobby, like taking speaking and writing classes. On the way, pick up some manners too. It wouldn’t hurt.

    I wonder what alec su is doing nowadays. Once I watched a movie with him where he wasn’t bald and it was strange.

  48. chris on

    @enkhee: You can guess whatever you want. I dont care if u think that im a 12 year old or 47 year old… And it’s not u who tell me to leave, ok? who do u think u are? MY PARENTS??

  49. Leiahzgg on

    Pft. Immature.

  50. luv hzgg on

    @chris: wow tats sad…i think ur life is tat pathetic tat u go around n critizin…didnt ur parents taught u how to behave and to respect… cuz if i were ur parents i would probably tell u to leave and get a LIFE!!!

  51. hzggteam on

    Guys, guys, just ignore him :]
    Little chris just feels unloved, like the reason we’re not releasing is because we don’t love him. He knows that he’ll only get banned from here for any more tantrums…
    But hey, it’s not like anyone here cares for anything that he says anyway, right? ^^

    @od – Yes, the TARGET completion date for the project was end of August, because everyone’s school and work schedules are so much more hectic this year. We didn’t want to have to balance between fansubbing and um.. not failing at real life, so that’s what we aimed for. However, summer wasn’t any less hectic, unfortunately. Sorry to disappoint you, but the other option would have been for us to stop working completely in the duration of this year until next summer. Instead, we’re making time in our busy schedules during the year to bring you releases. so please be patient. Keep in mind that we’re as troubled as you over this.

  52. chris on

    @hzgg team: Can u read in my mind? NO!! So don’t guess anything that is not comfirmed.

  53. hzggteam on

    and little chris apparently fails at a) sarcasm, b) detecting sarcasm c) knowing when everyone hates him d) knowing when everyone is mocking him.

    but um…everyone has their own shortcomings, right? ;]

  54. chris on

    and fat hzgg team apparently fails at a) sarcasm, b) detecting sarcasm c) knowing when everyone hates him d) knowing when everyone is mocking him.

    but um…everyone has their own shortcomings, right? ;]

  55. Kris on

    And we also learn that chris has NO sense of creativity or imagination. Seriously, copying someone else’s insult, word for word as a redirect?

  56. chris on

    @Kris : Don’t you have other things to do instead of pretending to be moderating the comments??? Like watching hzgg1 epi 20?? Are you graduated from high school yet?

  57. Kris on

    It’s episode 19, are you blind, man?

    And I don’t pretend to moderate the comments, I’m here to support HZGGTeam and their efforts in bringing this classic to an English-speaking audience.

    I don’t see why you’re constantly coming here to provoke people. You obviously don’t appreciate what HZGGTeam is doing (while everyone else does), and you don’t watch the series, so why is it you stubbornly refuse to leave?

  58. chris on

    @Kris: I’m not blind ok? Evryone makes mistakes. Do you really think ur the only person who is totally perfect? If you wanna know if Im blind, ask Ruby Lin. She’s freaking blind!



  59. Kris on

    It’s not a matter of being lazy as it is more about understanding. To those of us who speak English as a native language or as a first language, understanding phrases or idiosyncrasies from another very different language becomes a difficult task. It’s not simply a matter of a native language that fuels us to seek fansubs, but to have an encompassing comprehension of what is happening in the series. HZGGTeam is very kind to include notes, references, and bits of history to help us further enjoy and appreciate the depth of the series.

    No, one would not be able to understand someone who spoke to them in Chinese, if a random stranger comes about and starts speaking it in rapid succession; however, it is a start for those of us who are interested in the language. Fansubs are a very easy way to learn a different language (Anime helped me pick up Japanese very quickly, and I have long since rid myself of that accursed otaku accent), so don’t look down on people that actually think outside the box of conventional teaching/learning methods.

  60. kitkatz23 on

    ^ Kris, I totally agree with you there. :]

  61. hzggteam on

    Chris, nice attempt at a come back there. But notice how Kris wasn’t even a bit offended (then again, why would anyone by someone else’s utter incompetence?)?

    Although… I suggest you like… leave. and take your own advice and stop being lazy… learn some english or something, yeah?

  62. Kris on

    It’s funny, I was just looking at the title of the this post ‘Ep 18 gets jealous and throws stones’…how coincidentally appropriate for this chain of comments.

  63. wawa_usagi on

    thank you 4 this great sub
    always looking forward 4 next ep

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