Ep 16 throws a ball

Ep 16 of 24

Xiao Yan Zi makes a joke out of herself as usual with her ridiculous poem recital while the rest of the group bemoans the failure of a teaching method. Zi Wei impresses the Emperor with her intimate knowledge of his written works. The gang finally leaves the Palace and Zi Wei has even more avenue to impress everyone with her superior dish-naming skills. They then proceed to an embroidered ball tossing ceremony which leaves Yong Qi very hot and bothered.

File Information

Raw credit: alecsu clubbox
Video codec: XviD MPEG-4
Video bitrate: 1472 kbps
Audio codec: AC-3 ACM
Audio bitrate: 192 kbps
Frame size: 640 x 480
Note: Force a confession out of your suitor by tossing a ball at him.


Translators: kkandy4mee
Spot Translator: Tweedyy
Timers: Gem, trina
Editor: Rangiku
Typesetter: Gem
QC: Leviathan
Encoder: Kandi
With huge special thanks to Ueda Jiro and JeanN|E for saving our lives, because Qian Long just likes to torture fansubbers with his dumb poetic poems.

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MU: Part 1 | Part 2


17 comments so far

  1. lynnie on

    Yay, a new episodes of HZGG. Can’t wait to see the gang out of the Palace!

  2. Leiahzgg on

    Omygod. I came home after a very tiring weekend and I checked this site (first thing first) and found there’s a new episode! You life-savers really know hot to make my day. Thanks so much, looking forward to see a smoking Wu Ah Ge in public, hehe. They sure look adorable in matching pink costumes πŸ˜€

  3. ymleow on

    A meddle of tongue-twisting-gibber-garbled poem recital by The Muddled Princess – and you guys could still transmit to us the niceties of the inscrutable Chinese language in poetry. Well done! So much sing song and music in one episode. And it was a very astutely wise move to release episodes 14 and 15 one after the other. Otherwise we would have been in knots at the end of 14. Two-thirds of the way done, and beautifully at that too. Keep it up, HZGG Team. Jiayu! Jiayu!

  4. June on

    Whooohooooo finally coming out,almost every 4 days i check this site to see if they have new HZGG.thanks.

  5. Frodo on

    How come the Prince and his two companions are collectively called the “Three Stooges?” What’s up with that?

  6. hzggteam on

    @ Frodo: The “Three Stooges” was the closest equivalent we could come to the Chinese term, which was used in playful reference to the Fifth Prince and the Fu brothers.

    @ymleow: You have no idea how very near we were to dying over the poems XD Thank you for your lovely comment!

  7. kawai panda on

    thank you….(n_n)

  8. zie on

    thank you so much !! πŸ™‚

    hope you can complete hzgg1 soon!!

  9. darkestangellus on

    Yay, thank you!!! Keep up the great work! Wooo The poems and everything was awesome. =)

  10. enkhee on

    ahhhhh! I love you guys!

  11. The one who loves to remain anonymous on

    Okay, asking for your opinion, should I wait patiently for episode 17 to watch episode 16 together with it or should I go ahead and just watch episode 16? Because I don’t think I can handle watching Yong Qi being smoking hot at Xiao Yan Zi without watching his heart-melting confession at the same time. I’m very patient, so I can wait πŸ˜› it just, doesn’t seem right to watch this episode without it’s companion, the 17th.

    I’d like to say thank you for your hardwork, for your kindness, to share the joy of Hzgg with all its fans. You all are heaven-sent angels, meant to bring total happiness in old/new fans. Thank you. You helped me get through my darkest days, you actually helped me to get through my depression, because I’m a big fan of Hzgg and finding one with english subtitles really helped with the healing process. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. God bless each and every one of you.

  12. honey on

    thank you soo much.

    your translations are amazing, thank you for your hardwork. =]

    haha its kinda funny, when zi wei sings coz its all echod and sounds all fake, and xiao yanz zi kept hitting the ball the fifth prince ,aaargh his annoyed face is somehow lovely. πŸ˜›

  13. Saa on

    I am very eagerly waiting for ep. 17. Please keep up the good work!
    And take your time on translating the troublesome script. Seriously, translating Chinese proverbs, sayings, idioms, poems, and the like are a pain, I know.

  14. goldlilys on

    Thanks for another lovely subs. I was ROFL when Xiao Yanzi keeps hitting the ball to the fifth prince too. His face is like “dangit stop giving me the ball!!” Ahh so cute and baka at the same time.

    Anxiously waiting for the next subs.

  15. honey on

    i watched ep16 for the second time haha i cant wait for ep17 =]

  16. od on

    dying to watch the rest of em..luv u guys sooooo much

  17. wawa_usagi on

    thank you 4 this great sub
    always looking forward 4 next ep

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