IRC channel


Just a short announcement: Tweedy was bored and created an IRC channel for HZGG Team approximately …5minutes ago. I don’t believe anyone from HZGG Team uses IRC except me, so if you have any comments, complaints, anything, feel free to come to #hzggfansubs @
If you don’t know what IRC is or how to use it… there are plenty of places where they explain it, but this might be another way to contact us, since Tweedy lurks on rizon pretty much alllll the time ^^

Also, if you’re wondering about the show, Episode 16 is kind of hellish, so we enlisted some of our good friends for some extra help. Luckily, school’s out, and I haz a plan to finish this show by August, while still having steady releases. It reminds me slightly of communism – It’s nice in theory, but to actually carry it out might actually turn into a disaster, especially since it shares the same principles of everyone collaborating ..kind of like Marxist communism…so, let’s just hope, for our sake and yours as the viewer, that this will work out ^^

With that said, we are currently looking for a couple of translators (if you’re up for the challenge in the language) or timers (experience timing in voice) to finish this up for us if you’re free in June and July. To apply, email us or PM at d-addicts, or… find Tweedy on IRC!

Again, IRC channel –

Remember it ;]


6 comments so far

  1. sf on

    keep up the good work =]

  2. ------------------------------------------------ on

    I really love pizza.

  3. k on

    just a question, after noticing the “4000word essays” you guys are victim too –

    is anyone here from IB? if so, hallelujahihatemyEEtoo.

  4. luv hzgg on

    im very proud at u guys commitment toward this thin

    and i really appreciate it ^-^

  5. Leiahzgg on

    Unbelievable, I finally found a site which had Hzgg with english subs -breaks down and cries like a baby- Thank you, so much. So much, you have no idea, all this time I never thought I could find one with English subs. I’ve seen the series about 10 years ago when it was aired in my country, but of course back then I couldn’t really appreciate the story. Now that I’m writing my own fic (and my passion of hzgg suddenly burnt up), i really need to rewatch everything and.. and, God bless all of you for doing this 😀

  6. Leiahzgg on

    Just telling you that the gigasize files of the earlier episodes are no longer available. Not that I’m complaining, I prefer downloading with megaupload. But of course, just for your info. Cheers!

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