Ep 15 is rescued

Yeah…would’ve rushed to get a double out to y’all with 14’s release, but some idiot decided to complain right as ep 14 was being uploaded, and at more than half-way through, MU died on our uploader pretty much as soon as the troll decided to complain, thus pushing us back a couple of days. What a coincidence, right? Now, I’m not a firm believer of Chinese superstition, but…Just sayin’ :] Then again, 2 days apart isn’t so bad, right? ^^ Enjoy.

Ep 15 of 24

Very many mushiness in this episode, with Er Kang reaffirming his undying love for Zi Wei and the Emperor also showing his undying affection for Zi Wei. After Zi Wei is smothered half to death by affection, Xiao Yan Zi decides to teach her Shu Fang Zhai army some tricks in martial arts to the detriment of everyone’s general safety. The Emperor shockingly decides to wed Xiao Yan Zi to Er Kang and the three stooges are called into emergency status…and Yong Qi reveals something that all of us have known for a very long time.

File Information

Raw credit: alecsu clubbox
Video codec: XviD MPEG-4
Video bitrate: 1476 kbps
Audio codec: AC-3 ACM
Audio bitrate: 192 kbps
Frame size: 640 x 480
Note: Uh…Er Kang makes my hair stand.


Translators: Rachel, Alethia
Spot Translator: Tweedyy
Timers: Gem, Lukia
Editor: Rangiku
Typesetter: Gem
QC: Leviathan
Encoder: Kandi

Download Links

MU: Part 1 Part 2

Gigasize: Download


17 comments so far

  1. wniizzati on

    tq… actually i also having problem with MU link for ep 14 & 15, but it`s ok for me, as long as, I can watch the series with english sub..
    my advice to others, BE PATIENT n KEEP TRING TO DOWNLOAD.
    sometimes, it`s depends on the time you dl them.
    keep trying..
    tq tq tq tq

  2. kawai panda on

    thank you guys. yesterday, i have a great time watching ep 14 and now i have the opportunity to watch ep 15.i agree with with wnizzati,
    others be PATIENT continue to support.(n_n)
    thank you so much for this n i hope all guys success.

  3. zie on

    again, thank you hzgg team!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    The quality is a little strange… Why did you edit the colors. it looks weird!

    anywayz, keep subbing! !

  4. hzggteam on

    …we didn’t do anything to the colors… O.o;

  5. pax on

    Thanks soo much..I love this movie..bye

  6. lala on

    i was wondering if you could update your wiki so i know where your progress is for the next episode. thx!

  7. hzggteam on

    Wiki IS updated…Besides the fact that it didn’t say 14 & 15 were released, but you could have figured that out.

  8. zie on

    not the colors but i think your put too much saturation or or sharpening…

  9. mona on

    Hey, thank you guys for all the hard work.. I am waiting for the next episode because it has all the good stuff.. lots of love, jealousy, kiss… hahah I love this one better than the second season…

    Thanks again.

  10. Saa on

    While watching this, I had trouble breathing towards the end. I hyperventilated, squealed, jumped up and down, ran about, danced about, waved my hands in excitement, and just got… Really… I can’t describe it in words. Fangirly, I guess. A fangirl who’s just been given all the greatness of romance fiction in the world. Thank you for subbing! I CANNOT WAIT FOR EPISODE 17!!!!!!!!!

  11. pax on

    is ep 15 on veoh? i was just wondering..thanks soo much!! i love the movie soo much..i can wait til the action start..bye

  12. hzggteam on

    @ zie: The colour manipulations are only for the screenshots that we put up for each episode. Not the video file itself. I think you would probably agree with me that the original screenshots are quite boring colour-wise if you saw them.

    @ Saa: Teehee, Yong Qi/XYZ tends to have that effect don’t they!!

  13. Saa on

    Yes! They really do! >_<

  14. umm on

    ok, now i know i must sound really silly, but how do you download the file? i click on the gigasize one and it says the file has been deleted and i cluck the mu one and i dunno where to go from there…please help!

  15. hzggteam on

    you click download on mu, and if you are a regular user without an account, you’ll be waiting 45 seconds, then you click dl, then save the file. it’s simple.

    I don’t think we’ll be doing giga for a while. There’s also a torrent,a nd you can also stream it on veoh~

  16. Leiahzgg on

    “After Zi Wei is smothered half to death by affection”

    You never failed to make me laugh silly with every episode description =) I’m sure my hair will stand too watching this episode. Really can’t wait to see how they all react when Huangshang wants to marry Xiao Yan Zi off to Er Kang, hehe. Thank you so much for bringing us this full-of-joy series, it’s been a great week for me, getting to re-watch Hzgg and even better, I understand every single word uttered by them, thanks to you all great people!

    You girls and guys are my kai xin guo =)

    Will be waiting patiently for the next episode(s), really can’t wait to scream and shout when XYZ/YQ~~ hehe 😛

  17. wawa_usagi on

    thank you 4 this great sub
    always looking forward 4 next ep

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