Hey guys!

We’re just doing another one of these updates to let you guys know we’re alive, lol.

There has been a lot going on with most of us, and people are disappearing (as always) with files. Thankfully most of them have come back (after a while) and so that has slowed us down some. Also, it IS midterm season, so most of us students are panicking over midterms, and soon in June, finals. Gah x.x;

I would like to explain one note we’re going to have in the upcoming MANY episodes. This is going to be added to our notes tab in our blog as well. The Emperor will be going on an excursion in the upcoming episodes, and we’ve mentioned excursions a few times in the first half of the show since it’s ..y’know, how Zi Wei came from. It took me about 6 times of watching HZGG I and II and a lot of other period dramas to figure this out as a kid, so I might as well explain it here since…I’m procrastinating :]

The Emperor usually goes on an excursion every year to a particular part of China. He takes his best men and subjects and disguises himself so people can’t recognize him and uh…kill him, etc, not that they had internet back then and his face is plastered on every news site, nor could HE know personally what’s going on in every part of China outside of reports, etc cuz they didn’t have webcams back and video messaging either, so he goes and checks out the conditions of each region, if the magistrates and ministers are slacking/being tyrants, etc. A good Emperor would make excursions often because he cares about his people :] And y’know…occasionally have affairs with them. And so on and so forth. You’ll get to watch the Emperor’s trip in the upcoming eps. Lots of interesting things will happen, so stay tuned!

Speaking of, we’re trying to get the next two eps out soon, and we may roll to another stop for a bit as we wait for people to finish cramming and writing huge 4000page essays.However, I’m really glad for you guys’ patience with us. A lot of groups don’t appreciate their fans, claiming that by fans asking for updates when they do not keep an updated wiki or providing suggestions, they are impatient. However, here at HZGG, we are very clearly aware of the line between a simple curious question and impatient, ungrateful flamers. Other groups sometimes claim they “fansub for themselves and their own pleasure” and don’t care for what others think. Wouldn’t that be a little pointless? While it is important to ENJOY what you’re doing, if you’re not bringing it to the people, then you might as well not release it at all. Yes, just work on it all for yourself. Instead, we at HZGG Team have a goal 🙂 And it’s to bring the best subs to you guys, and it’s you who keep ups going!

Sorry for my little rant there. Stuff have been bugging me. Thanks for reading this long, pointless post (or not) and basically, just look out for a release some time soon!



17 comments so far

  1. zie on

    Thanks for updating!! You guys are doing a great job!! I’m not that kind of person who is impatient…

    I aleady seen hzgg1 and hzgg2 5 times on VCD but I really want HZGG to have eglish subtitles( I only understand a little chinese sentences in hZGG scnes) and with high quality (VCD are in bad quality).

    Well keep up the good work!!

  2. E on

    Thanks for the explanation about the emperor’s trip! I think the explanation itself is proof of your team’s commitment to quality. It adds so much more depth to the show. And as a devoted fan of your fansubs (I check your wiki site religiously for updates), I find that for quality, I can be patient.


  3. meeps on

    Thanks for the update! It makes waiting much more comfortable. ♥

  4. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz on


  5. hzggteam on

    Yeah, zzzzz, whoever you are – it’s people like you that keep us from moving forward with progress, so consider yourself a hindrance to the release of the next two episodes ^^

  6. ymleow on

    Hey guys to you too!

    Glad to hear from you. Yeah, I understand. Still feel my stomach churn whenever I see even a pic of an exam hall. You guys have a respite after the great job you’ve been doing, after all it’s kinda mid-term too – for the series. Looking forward to see how the emperor moves around his subjects, with our precocious(?) princess getting into his way and all them, more than a hindrance than a help, but more laughs than a barrel of Sun Wu Kungs. With your meticulous attention to details and explanations of lingo, syntax and errors of Her Royal Highness to philistine ol’ me, we sure would be rolling in it silly.

    Pretty happy that you enjoy what you do, we hope our lapping it up matches your enthusiasm and labour. Nah, your rant is not pointless – that way we get to know you. Keep it up, and have fun always!

  7. ymleow on

    P.S. And to the sorry sap who said “DUH!!!”, I say: Hee hee.

    Sorry for that outburst, HZGG Team. Ahem.

  8. trina on

    reading this makes me happy all over again that hzgg’s being subbed hahha. crazy how long people ignored this! woo hooo! bout 10 more eps to go and on to hzgg II! love it cause there’s more vicki/alec action haha.

  9. hzggteam on

    HZGG 2..haha I dont’ even want to think about it right now @_@

  10. Saa on

    That’s new… A fansub group that doesn’t mind our eagerness to see their quality subs. XD
    Thank you~

    And I definitely can’t wait until episode 17. > v <
    I know a bit of Cantonese, and Mandarin has some similar words sometimes; but unfortunately, I can’t understand everything. TT-TT

  11. hzggteam on

    Just a note to say that Ep 14 is going into QCing, and will be released very shortly with 15 following 🙂 Thanks so much for bearing with us, guys!

  12. zie on

    YAY!! Thank you so much HZGG team for the update!!

  13. anonymous on

    little stupid question, hzgg team, what is qcing?



  15. hzggteam on

    You complained. That’s why. ^^

  16. Kris on

    Z, just wait patiently like everyone else. It’s not fair for you to push and complain about the speed of releases when they have finals to worry about. They ARE doing this because they WANT to, not because they HAVE to.

    HZGGTeam, we (well, most of us anyway *cough*Z*cough*) appreciate your efforts in working on the fansubs even through finals week. And we’re well aware that the superb quality is well worth the time you guys take to release it.

    Take it easy! And good luck on your finals~!

  17. Leiahzgg on

    Thank you for keeping the subbing alive, continue, well and healthy -kowtows all the subbers-

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