Ep 11 enters the realm

Episode 11 of 24

Xiao Yan Zi’s powers of persuasion get Zi Wei and Jin Suo into the gilded cage of a Palace while the rest of the gang congratulate Er Kang on his groundbreaking intelligence. Qian Long immediately takes notice of Zi Wei but forgets her a moment later. Everybody in Shu Fang Zhai get a little tipsy to the detriment of Xiao Yan Zi’s forehead. Rong Muo Muo and the Empress do a bit of evil planning. Er Kang braves the dangers to visit Zi Wei in Shu Fang Zhai despite knowing he has no business being there. Things get a little tense as the quota of potential heads-to-be-chopped-off increases.

File Information

Raw credit: alecsu clubbox
Video codec: XviD MPEG-4
Video bitrate: 1535 kbps
Audio codec: AC-3 ACM
Audio bitrate: 192 kbps
Frame size: 640 x 480
Note: Always have a doggie when you want to get drunk.


Translators: Rachel, Helen
Spot Translator: Tweedyy
Timer: Lukia
Typesetter: Gem
QC: Gem
Encoder: Kandi
Special thanks to Akira Shock!

Download Links

Torrent: d-addicts
Gigasize: Here
MU: Part 1 Part 2


11 comments so far

  1. Qualian on

    Thank you so much for subbing! I’m so curious for this episode, it’s downloading right now! 😀

  2. hzgg4ever on

    OMG!! Epi 11 is here!! It’s downloading so fast!!

  3. fsyang on

    i can’t thank the team enough.. it’s finally here.. thanks

  4. pax on


  5. chocoreto on

    thank you so much <3..

  6. zie on

    Yay! Thank you! Happy Chinese New Year!!!

  7. luv hzgg on

    haha tanks o by the way happy chinese new year

  8. Dreamy Luna on

    Thank you so much for your amazing work! The subtitles are great and the quality is also great! Xin Nian Kuai Le! ^_^

  9. meeps on

    Many thanks! ♥♥♥

  10. Leiahzgg on

    -Hehe- I loved episode 9 so much (Esp when Yong Qi agreed to join Xiao Yan Zi’s craziness XD). And I’m going to watch ep 10 as I download ep 11. Thanks 😉

  11. wawa_usagi on

    dropping by at every ep
    just to say
    thank you 4 this sub

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