Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of updates and posts in the past month or so. We’ve had some fun dealing with one of our little fans ;] And now that he’s shut up, we’re all ready to release again.
Here’s the update on the next few upcoming episodes:

Episode 10: The spot translator had some personal problems and disappeared with the file, and we didn’t know whether we were to replace her or wait until recently. We’ve decided to skip edit and QC for the episode to speed up the process, which means after a quick QC from both coordinators, this episode will be ready for release. Look for it some time in the next week :]

Episode 11: Had a little timer mix up. And computer problems. It is currently ~75% timed, but like episode 10, there will be no edit or QC, only two final QCs. Look for this shortly after episode 10’s release.

Episode 12: 25% spotted. By the time episode 10 and 11 are released, hopefully this will be around timing/editing.

Episode 13: Translating. Coming along nicely 🙂

Assuming there are no staff problems, we’ll be more than halfway through this series by the end of February! Yay!
Hopefully the computer problems won’t continue into 2008 and valued staff won’t disappear anymore, and hopefully releases will speed up 🙂

Just to let you guys know that we’re still alive and trekkin’ along. Anticipate releases soon!


10 comments so far

  1. o on

    luv u guyz !! keep goin

  2. Matt_tvb on

    Nice work peeps nice nic nice

  3. Dreamy Luna on

    It must be difficult for you, but I’m glad you didn’t drop the project. Thank you for your hard and excellent work! JIA YOU! =D

  4. xie on

    Thank you! I can’t wait for the next epi. Oh, well… Keep up the good work!

  5. pax on

    THANK YOU GUYS SOO MUCH!!! i know that its hard work trying to meet up to everyone needs..but im glad that u guys still are going with the project..thanks so much..keep up with the good work..bye

  6. Qualian on

    Can’t wait for the next episodes, I’m definitely going to check this site often. Thanks for the update! ^^

  7. mai on

    HI thanks for working so hard on subbing the drama…i was wondering if you are gonna upload it to crunchyroll.com if not can i help upload it in to
    crunchyroll.com cause there many people really wanna see the whole ep with english sub???…please e-mail me any time…

  8. fsyang on

    hi thanks for all yor hard work. i think editing is not too important you guys are working hard enough to get it translated and encoded on the video is good enough. Us that can’t understand chinese i believe knowing the basic idea of what they are saying is way enough. Don’t make it too hard on you guys. Ya are the best already for doing this for us. THANKS

  9. hzggteam on

    Thanks, fsyang, but we want to produce high quality subs that do justice to the beautiful dialogue in HZGG, not just the basic idea. After all, nearly all of us fell in love with HZGG because of the dialogue.

  10. luv hzgg on

    man i lov u guys thank u so much ive been lookin forward fo this

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