Merry Christmas!

So how about…no releases because of staff personal problems, once again..

However, it IS Christmas, after all (at least in most parts of the world still), so as a bonus, here are all the songs from Huan Zhu Ge Ge 1 that we’ve translated, right from the soundtrack, including the full versions of the opening and closing, which weren’t included on the OST. The rest of the songs are from HZGG 2, and they’ll be up as soon as we’ve translated them. =P

The pack contains:

Track 4 – 雨蝶 / Yu Die / Rain Butterfly (Ruby Lin cover of the closing)
Track 8 – 当 / Dang / When… (QTIE cover of the opening)
Track 9 – 今天天气好晴朗 / Jin Tian Tian Qi Hao Qing Lang / Today’s Weather Is So Fine
Track 10 -山水迢迢 / Shan Shui Tiao Tiao / Remote Lakes and Mountains (Xia Yu He’s Song)
Track 18 – 当 / Dang / When (Full Version of Power Station’s Opening)
Track 19 – 雨蝶 / Yu Die/ Rain Butterfly (Full Version of Li Yijun’s Closing)

Our Translations




11 comments so far

  1. od on

    merry xmas!! we ll be patiently waitin 4 the new releases…tnx again

  2. Hailey on

    Thank you, guys!!! I loved this drama when it was aired in my country, Mongolia. Now I’m in LA and thanks to you I get to watch it again.

    Once again, THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARD WORK!!!!

  3. anonymous on

    can u please finish the episodes. i really really want to watch it. i don’t want to wait for a long time to watch it. thx for translating hzgg for us.

  4. meepers on

    Thanks for the soundtrack. I’ve been looking for 今天天气好晴朗 for a while now. That your time with the translations, I’m just glad someone’s subbing it~

  5. Xie on

    OMG!! I’m so glad that you guys will subb and upload the series!! Finally, I can download them and burn it to DVD so I can watch it on high quality on my TV!

    Thank you so much and please, don’t stop subbing and uploading series! Take your time!


  6. odn on

    still waitin :((

  7. hzggteam on

    still subbing! 🙂

  8. mai on

    wow been looking for this….can you tell me who sing those song???

  9. ymleow on

    You guys did it again – not mere translating, but doing a masterclass job at interpreting, right down to the poetry and the songs. I know only a few words of Chinese and would be scratching the hair and scalp off my head if I were to have to explain what, say, a flowery sentence consisting only 4 Chinese words means in English.

    Really appreciate your work, never mind the setbacks, take your time to do subbing without compromise to the quality. Heed not those who try to rush. I wait impatiently too, but I know it will be worth it. Only promise that I will one day watch episode 24 and happily remember you selfless people for enriching my life by enabling me to enjoy this joyful story of the zany princess!

  10. wawa_usagi on

    thank you 4 this song
    its hard to find it else where
    continue downloading the next ep

  11. Su on

    thz alot :))…really looking 4ward to watching next season (I hope so )….anw thx u guys
    to me, HZGG is not just only a favourite drama, also is the sweet memory of mah precious childhood as well.

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