Ep 6

Episode 6 of 24

The war between the Empress and Xiao Yan Zi goes into overdrive as, in the meanwhile, our favourite non-princess struggles with literary accomplishments in the schoolroom, and paints her face while trying to figure out how to send a message to Zi Wei. Zi Wei sheds plenty of tears again. Jin Suo cries because Zi Wei cries. Er Kang falls in love. Er Tai and Yong Qi are the frantic errand boys. The Empress predicts the downfall of the Qin dynasty based on Xiao Yan Zi’s misbehaviour. There really isn’t anymore time to sit and sing at the qin.

File Information

Raw credit: alecsu clubbox
Video codec: XviD MPEG-4
Video bitrate: 1435 kbps
Audio codec: AC-3 ACM
Audio bitrate: 192 kbps
Frame size: 640 x 480
Note: When in doubt, say ‘carrot’.


Translators: Sandy5354, aKaty
Spot Translator: Tweedyy, Gem
Timer: Gem
Editor: Rangiku
Typesetter: Gem
QC: Tweedyy
Encoder: Gem
Special thanks to Akira Shock! for distribution

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11 comments so far

  1. Trung on

    Thank you so much. I had been looking everywhere for this movie until I found this website. Please continue your great work. 🙂

  2. catris on

    Thanks for the upload, I’m really enjoying this series and the direct download links you provide make downloading process very easy! ^__^

  3. ymleow on

    You guys at HZGG Team has done it again! The delivery via subtitles of the Chinese art of poetry and language games and nuances to us English speaking audiences is briliant. Amazing. I can’t wait for the rest, yummy!

  4. odon on

    thank u 4 ur hard work guyz !!! luv diz drama…since im not a chinese couldnt understand da drama ..but now i do …..appreciate !!! plz keep on uploadin

  5. Alethia on

    Tweeddy, pmed u the spots in d-addict. Cheers~ally

  6. Saa on

    The episode you upload on Veoh (ep. 4 01) and possibly several other videos does not load fully.
    And yes, I have VeohTV.
    I didn’t know where to contact you, so I thought that this would be the best place to inform you of the matter.

  7. HZGG!!!YEAH!1 on

    aree you guys and girls going to put up part 2 then part 3 of princess pearl???please replyy!!!

  8. hzggteam on

    ^ We mentioned it in our FAQ. We’re planning on subbing HZGG 2, but not 3. Besides, we still have to get part 1 out of the way first 😛

  9. HZGG!!!YEAH!1 on

    ooo.ii can not seem to get through your site.ii dont know wheres the links.soo yeh.thats for thee info!!

  10. HPFF on


  11. wawa_usagi on

    dropping by to say
    thank a lot 4 this sub
    n thanks 4 the direct link
    it makes it more easier to get it
    cont to the next ep

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