Episode 5 triumphs

Episode 5 of 24

What happens when a princess disguises herself as a eunuch, falls off the Palace walls, shouts at the Emperor, and picks a fight with a prince? We end up having a very entertaining episode! The first buds of romance bloom between Er Kang and Zi Wei as Xiao Yan Zi becomes buddies with Yong Qi and Er Tai.

File Information

Raw credit: alecsu clubbox
Video codec: XviD MPEG-4
Video bitrate: 1435 kbps
Audio codec: AC-3 ACM
Audio bitrate: 192 kbps
Frame size: 640 x 480
Note: Shout at the Emperor only when you’re really sure he loves you.


Translators: Sandy5354, aKaty
Spot Translator: Tweedyy
Timer: Gem
Editor: Leviathan
Typesetter: Gem
QC: prismatic_star
Additional Translator: Gem
Encoder: Gem
Special thanks to Akira Shock! for distribution

Download links:
Gigasize: download
Megaupload: part 1 part 2
d-addicts: torrent (coming soon)

Ep 5! Right now only a gigasize link is available..sorry for the delay on the mirror DDL and the d-a release ^^


7 comments so far

  1. chao on

    Thank you very much for subbing hzgg. Anyways, what happen to eps 5 part 2? Why aren’t the website working for download? Again thanks.

  2. Nadila on

    Thank you so much for your hard work. 2 episodes released in a week!

    As I was watching it, it was like watching it for the first time because firstly I did not know Chinese and secondly it has been years since I watched the show with eng subtitles.

    I really appreciate your hard work. Thank you so much =>

  3. ken on

    muchas gracias

  4. honey on

    thank you soo much for your hard work, last time i watched this series was like 7 years ago, and it was dubbed in my language and i tried to find this series for ages but it never had any english subs since i didnt understand chinese. Youre making lots of people happy with this work so thank you again.

  5. muugi on

    wow, great job. keep doing it. And also i would like to know when will be uploaded the 6-10. there are almost done, aren’t they?
    But thank a lot. I just love this Drama as i love legend of condor heroes 2003.

    Also i would like to know about HZGG 2.

    Waiting for all episodes with subs.
    Thanx for doing great job.

  6. Leiahzgg on

    Episode 5 for me now 🙂 Thanks for your hardwork!

  7. wawa_usagi on

    thank you… ^____^
    cont to next ep

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