Translations of HZGG 1 soundtrack

While we wait for Eps 4 and 5 to be released (which they will be, within the next few days), let’s take a look at the translations of the HZGG 1 soundtrack. Someone requested the translations for 1 and 2, so we’ll be adding them to the blog as we go along.

The lyrics for HZGG songs are typically very poetical and flowery because Qiong Yao, the original author, wrote them. We’ve tried to suit our translations to the original wordings, but of course, we cannot fully express the beauty of the original Chinese, so please forgive us!

Read more to see the lyrics.

When (opening)

When the mountains fail to peak,
When the rivers stop flowing,
When time stops, and day and night are no different,
When all things on heaven and earth disappear,
I will still not be able to part with you, will not be able to part with you
Your gentleness is my life’s greatest anticipation.

When the sun ceases to rise,
When the earth stops its rotation,
When the four seasons no longer change,
When all the nature has withered away,
I still will not be able to part with you, will not be able to part with you
Your smile is my life’s greatest attachment.

Let us live this life together, live it freely and unrestrainedly
Surge forward, basking in the bustling of the world
Treat wine as song, singing out our heart’s delight
Live grandly and spectacularly, seizing hold of our youth

Rain Butterfly (closing)

Don’t blame anyone even if loving makes your heart shatter
Because the encounter was too beautiful
Even if I have no more tears, am thoroughly hurt and my heart has reduced into ashes, none of these matter

I will break out of my chrysalis, and turn into a butterfly,
Yearning to fly with you
My greatest fear is that you will leave and not return
Although it’s comforting that you have loved me, given me, and thought of me

I’m flying towards you
The rain cushions me, surrounding me like your embrace
I’m flying towards you
Regardless how far, I will not tire, even though the journey has been fraught with pain and tears

I’m chasing you
The wind blows gently
As long as you do not blame me, I will have no regrets
Love is so beautiful
My heart is intoxicated with the feeling of being loved

Today’s Weather Is So Fine

Today’s weather is so fine! Everywhere, the scenery is beautiful
Beautiful scenery!
The butterflies are busy, and so are the bees
The little birds are busy, and so are the white clouds
Ah ~
Horses step on the fallen scented petals
Horses step on the fallen scented petals

Remote Mountains and Lakes (Xia Yu He’s song)

The mountains are remote, the lakes are remote
Mountains, lakes, and roads are remote
Hoped and expected the whole of last night
Will now hope and expect the whole of today
Hoping and expecting my days away, the soul vanishes as well
Dreams are insignificant, people are insignificant
The heavens will also age if it has feelings
Songs are not becoming songs, melodies are not becoming melodies
Winds and rain are whistling, how deep is my anxiety
How deep is my anxiety

Long Memories (Xia Yu He’s song)

Gathering is not easy, and neither is separating.
Gathering and separating are interdependent.
Which memory will today’s dusk become?
Meeting is not easy, and neither is farewell.
Might that I be tormented by pining,
Than a hurried meeting before dispersion.
Leaving is not easy, and neither is remaining.
The thousands of knots within my heart are entirely bound to you.
Waking is not easy, and neither is sleeping.
After we bid farewell tonight, please think yearningly of me.

Translators: karened, Gem, Tweedyy


8 comments so far

  1. chanmie on

    thank you for the lyric. You guys did a great job of translating them. Very beautiful song. anyways, keep up the great work. we’ll keep waiting until season 1 and 2 are all subbed.

  2. Sea on

    yes translation for the songs too! much much appreciations!!!

  3. tami on

    Thank you so much for subbing this series. Its one of my all time favorite. I love the songs in Chinese and its translation in Vietnamese. Like you said the lyrics are so poetic and flowery, but when there in English, it just lacks and certain charm. I think this true of all Chinese to English translations. But you did very good work translating the Lyrics to English, I don’t think it could be done any better

  4. Sam on

    I was wondering if you guys can also upload the soundtrack? I’ve been searching for it, and I cannot find it anywhere online and I am obsessed with the opening song.

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    […] Our Translations […]

  6. Paulina on

    i love you guys for subbing this drama 😀 i’m so happy that i could finally understand it lol. thank you so much!

    btw, can you (or someone) romanize the lyrics for Yu Die? i wanna sing along to it 😀

  7. Uu on

    Thank you guys for subbing this drama in such a high quality. Plz keep in your good work
    Really thank u very much

  8. Leiahzgg on

    I’ll be waiting for Hzgg 2 lyrics till they are released 😀

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