Episode 4 stumbles on its way

Xiao Yan Zi and Zi Wei exist separately as Xiao Yan Zi establishes herself as an unorthodox princess and Zi Wei meets her future partner in life by almost getting beaten to death by him. Nothing is ever the same anymore in the Palace as Xiao Yan Zi sells buns to the Emperor, cheeks the Empress, complains about wearing heavy headdresses, and unknowingly gets into huge trouble when the Fu manor learns of the mistaken identity.

File Information

Raw credit: alecsu clubbox
Video codec: XviD MPEG-4
Video bitrate: 1431 kbps
Audio codec: Lame MP3
Audio bitrate: 192 kbps
Frame size: 640 x 480
Note: So very VERY sorry for the delay. Erm…would you like a steamed bun as compensation?


Translator: Tweedyy, tarepanda
Spot Translator: karened
Timer: Niki
Editor: Rangiku
Typesetter: Gem
QC: prismatic_star
Encoder: Kandi
Special thanks to Akira Shock! for distribution

Download Links
Gigasize: download
Megaupload: [001] [002]

Yay! Ep 4 and 5 are ready to go…they’re coming…very soon, sooner than I can get used to this new layout. It’s nice. What do you guys think of it?


9 comments so far

  1. trina on

    thanks for uploading! i love the part where xyz fights with 5th prince haha.

  2. starsong on

    aww, part one says it’s not available.
    any chance of a re-up (preferably in one part)? or a torrent, that works too ^^

  3. hzggteam on

    o.o really? part one is fine when I tried to download ><

    sorry, but d-a links and a mirror is coming very soon ^^ sorry for the delay

  4. starsong on

    ahh my bad, it *is* working. my internet was being weird before ^^;; thanks so much! you guys are awesome.

  5. ken on

    don’t mind the delay, you guys are doing this as a volunteer thing…so thanks again very much!

  6. Leiahzgg on

    πŸ˜€ Thanks for the epi, downloading it now ^_^ lol, i love your little notes, never failed to make me laugh πŸ˜‰

  7. wawa_usagi on

    dropping by to say
    thank you 4 this great sub πŸ™‚
    cont to next ep

  8. winwinwin on

    Thank you very much for your hard work and sharing it with us. I really appreciate it. Unfortunately, there’s no official english subtitle DVD release for this drama 😦

  9. Uplink on

    megaupload down

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